New Blog

•29 May 2009 • 2 Comments

I’ve decided to rename my blog and the new one can be found here:

The content is the same.  My WoW blogs are a fun way for me to keep track of things I’ve done, things I’m doing, or things I want to do.  🙂

Please feel free to stop by and say hello.  I will work on updating the new blog on sites like Twisted Nether in the next few days.


Potential Blog Changes, Part II

•18 May 2009 • 4 Comments

While I have some time, I’m going to experiment a little with some WordPress themes.

If things are kinda whacky on my site, don’t be alarmed.  Hopefully I’ll find a theme I’m happy with soon!  😀

Potential Blog Changes

•18 May 2009 • 1 Comment

The more I think about this topic, the more I realize how many thing I want to change.  I hastily threw a blog together and didn’t really think things through when I created Alliance Girl.

1 – The Name.
This was so hard and I just settled on an obvious choice.  I didn’t want to write about my Rogue only, but she is my first character and I felt that she should be the spokeswoman for the site, so to speak.  I didn’t want to name it after her in case I wanted to write about complaints or things going on with my server – so I wouldn’t be easily found and flamed.  I’m good at coming up with names for things usually (mounts, pets, cars, other people’s characters, but for myself – meh, I suck.)  I’m not really happy with the name, but I have a total creative block whenever I try to come up with an alternative.  QQ

2 – The Layout.
I am not at all thrilled with this, but out of all the stock theme choices on WordPress, it’s my favorite.  I prefer websites with dark backgrounds and I don’t know nearly enough to custom design a blog like the awesomeness at Tree Bark Jacket ( or Alterac Volley ( I’ve been toying with the idea of going back to school for Graphic/Web Design and until that happens, I guess I’m just stuck with the theme I have.  Bleh.

3 – RSS.
No one can even see my text in RSS because my font color is white.  Yeeeeeah, didn’t think that through, but I hate the gray default. Grr.  I should just get rid of the option to follow me on RSS.

4 – Subject Matter.
I knew that I didn’t want to only write about Boomba the Rogue since I am kind of an altoholic and love all of my characters.  I don’t have anything important to say that you can’t find elsewhere – so my blog isn’t informative, really.  It’s more just a chronicle of what I’m up to in Azeroth and an archive of things that I’ve done while playing the game that I love.  Lately, I’ve been writing about my Priest a lot more because that’s my main character these days.  I started leveling my 70 Mage recently, so I’ll be writing about her soon.  I don’t really know how to classify my blog other than saying that it’s just a random collection of my own adventures.  I’m wondering if I really should try to contribute something to the WoW Blogosphere…but I have no idea what I could do that isn’t already out there and done better.  I’m NOT a theorycrafter…I hate, hate, hate math and I especially hate it when it’s mixed with my WoW.  I’m not an uber hardcore 25man Disc healer – I actually have fun in raids these days, *gasp*!

5 – Giving Back.
There are so many ridiculously AWESOME WoW sites out there that help people improve in so many different ways…from how to power level a profession, to fishing, to the maximum DPS rotation for any given class, gear min/maxing, boss strats…it’s all out there.  I wish I had a niche – some way to pay back the WoW Community for all they’ve given me over the years.  I just can’t think of anything original to do, lol.  Maybe one day I’ll have something to contribute, but I’m not going to force it.  🙂

How I’m Spending My Time These Days…

•11 May 2009 • 5 Comments

I never thought this day would come.

After years of playing this game, countless complaints, hours of grinding…

I now enjoy fishing!

I know, it shocked me too!  The enjoyment factor kinda just snuck up on me.  Once I was at about 400 fishing skill and done with traveling all over the world trying to catch fish in certain zones, I really started to have a good time logging in just to fish.  Because of this, I am now the proud owner of a Titanium Dalaran Seal.  😀  And lately, you can find Old Boomba the Rogue hanging out in her fishing hat in the Dalaran sewers waiting for the Giant Sewer Rat to grab the lure.

I think a lot of it has to do with all the cool stuff you can get from fishing.  The Seal, the Turtle Mount, the Daily Fishing Quest rewards, the pets, etc.  I got really lucky the first few times I did the Dalaran Daily Fishing Quest and I think that helped turn the tide on my grinchiness towards fishing.

I’m hoping that one of these days I’ll fish up the Turtle Mount.  That would be pretty awesome!  😀

I started back to work these week, so my blogging (as well as my WoW playtime) will probably be pretty scarce for a few days while I get back into my routine.

More Ulduar

•5 May 2009 • 7 Comments

Last week,  my guild went back into Ulduar after the recent nerf and successfully downed Flame Leviathan, XT Deconstructor, and Kologarn.


As seen in the photo, I won the Lifespark Visage…I look so awesome wearing it!  😀  (I got that sandbox tiger from a friend of mine in the guild and I love it sooooo much!  I had no idea how fun it would be to rock back and forth on a spectral tiger toy while going over raiding details.  It’s really cool that you can share it by hopping off and letting someone else jump on.  I started joking that I was going to charge people 5 copper for a ride…since I had a line of people doing /tap foot trying to get me to hurry up and get off so they could get on, lol.  )

I’ve noticed a lot of things about Ulduar so far – mostly healery things, but some DPS thta we haven’t really had to worry about in the past because of how casual my guild used to be.

Healing Assignments

If we don’t stick to our targets/jobs, we will fail.  My job is rather simple – heal the MT and shield the people in range that are going to be taking damage.  That’s what Disc does best.  Sure, we’re a flexible healing class and if I am able to protect my tank AND throw a few flash heals to help out with raid healing or kick in a .903 second flash heal to save a DPS’ers life, then that’s what I’m gonna do.  However, spamming heals on the raid is a sure fire way to eat through my mana pool quick, fast, and in a hurry.  For some encounters or if we already have a Holy Pally in the raid, I’ll have to swap over to Holy and don the holy gear to raid heal.  Gone are the days when one person’s job was “more important” than anyone else’s.  EVERY PIECE of the healing pie is MISSION CRITICAL in Ulduar and we’ve seen that first hand.  Raid heals are just as important as Main Tank or Off Tank healing.  Without hot DPS doing what they do best (which obviously they can’t do if they’re dead), the boss is not going to go down fast enough, the healers will run out of mana, and then the tanks will die and the raid will wipe.  Everything is a domino effect and everyone is just as important as everyone else.  With healing assignments ensuring that the right classes are on the right targets, we can minimize losing DPS too early in the fight.


Our guild tanks are really good.  Our MT is amazing.  I’ve run with a TON of tanks throughout my years playing this game since release.  So, I feel I can honestly say that our MT is the best one I’ve ever run with.  He balances his mitigation/avoidance stats in his gear so well – he makes healing through most fights a lot less stressful than other non-guild tanks I’ve run with.  Part of this is due to the fact that he and I have run together a lot in the past, that we play in the same room and can communicate outside of Vent (heehee, sure he’s my boyfriend and I’m probably biased, but I don’t care…he’s AWESOME!), and he understands very well what a Disc Priest can do.  If I say, “OH NO” he knows that my cooldowns are cranking and he’s gonna take a big hit and kicks in an extra avoidance technique to keep himself alive.  I have a hard time healing other Warrior tanks sometimes because they save things like Shield Wall or Last Stand for the last 5% of the like in TBC instead of when they actually need to kick them in.   There’s really nothing more that he can do when he dies…most of the time it’s either something that I had no idea about like damage an aura something about the fight that wasn’t in the research I was doing or my positioning/that I’m silenced/that I didn’t time my cooldown on Weakened Soul just right, etc.  Our tanks are in great shape for Ulduar, just have to learn the little tricks of the fights…which will come with time and with additional information when it’s posted.


This one is touchy.  Back in the day, we were inundated with high deeps.  We could field 2 10 man Kara groups if we only had the healers and tanks.  Over time and with the new expansion, we’ve lost some of our ranks.  Now it’s tough to field a geared team of enough DPS to do Ulduar.  Incidentally, we have more than enough tanks and healers now, go figure, lol.  Even though our guild is in a transitional phase from Casual Guild That Sometimes Has Enough People Online To Do Raids to Casual RAIDING Guild That Tries To Be Fun And Fair While Pushing To Progress In End Game Content.  We’ve put a lot of pressure on our DPS to step it up in all aspects of their game….Step it up on your Enchants, Gems, Consumables, Spec, Rotation, etc.  They’ve really risen to the challenge and while it’s still hard to field enough DPS to get things cracking, the DPS that do sign up come serious and ready for a challenge.


We’ve come a long long way in the last year.  I’m really quite pleased and proud of everyone involved in our success.  I see us a guild who has to fight tooth and nail for every inch and every victory we get.  We’re the underdogs.  And now we’re doing a great job in end-game content for the first time ever as a guild.  Pretty freaking sweet. It’s not easy to change your mentality about the game to see more content, but everyone that’s interested has risen to the challenge like champs.  Go Ordo!  😀

Boomba the Noble

•27 April 2009 • 2 Comments

Dear Blizzard,

Thank you SO much for the Noblegarden event.  I never have any luck with the RNG (except for the new daily fishing quests, yay!) and this event made it possible for me to grind the achievements in my own time.  Also, thank you for not including Dressed for the Occassion as a requirement for completing the event.  I hated the other holidays…having to log in every hour to maybe get the item that I need is extremely frustrating for a casual player like me.


I’m only bothering with the holiday achievements for the Violet Proto-drake.  I’m not really hardcore enough to have access to the Red, Black, Plagued or the new Proto-drakes that are for the Ulduar achievements.  I keep buying the Oracle eggs, so maybe I will get a Green Proto-drake one day, but the Random Number Generator is a cruel mistress and I know that if I keep grinding the holiday achievements out I have a good shot at the Violet Proto-drake.  I love the way the Proto-drakes look and I can’t wait to have one of my own.

I know that you probably don’t want to make it super easy to get the drake, but let’s face it – this is a game after all.   I think we all agree that real  life is a pretty serious grind, we play to have fun and succeed.

So thank you again for making Noblegarden as easy as it is.  It definitely made me happy.

A casual player and big fan,
Alliance Girl 😉

PS – The Spring Circlet (bunny ears) are my FAVORITE new item.  I love them and now have them on all of my characters.  Also, big fan of Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit.  Rabbiting the Horde is made of WIN.

Lucky Number 11!

•24 April 2009 • 3 Comments


Late last night after Ulduar, one of my guildies asked if I wanted to go for a Timed CoT.  I wasn’t feeling it 100%, but decided to go for it anyway.  It was my 11th successful run and three guildies in the group passed on the drake so I could finally have him.  Squee!!   😀