Boomba’s Icecrown Daily Quest Guide

I know there is no shortage of these guides online, but I decided to do one of my own for my guildmates and myself to use without the threat of evil keyloggers lurking in the background while we’re searching for the information on the quests.  More guides for each zone will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

If I left off any of the quests, please leave me a comment with the name of the quest so I can add it to the guide.  I’d like it to be as complete as possible.  Thanks!

The Solution Solution
The Skybreaker – Chief Engineer Boltwrench (Below Deck)
Obtain 3 sets of Abandoned Helms, Abandoned Armor, and Pile of Bones from the ground in the Broken Front.
Destroy 3 Frostbrood Skytalons
Quest Item Required: Smuggled Solution

Retest Now
The Skybreaker – Chief Engineer Boltwrench (Below Deck)
Drink the Diluted Cult Tonic and kill Cultists at Aldur’thar for their Tainted Essences.
Combine 10 Essences into a Writhing Mass and throw it into any of their cauldrons.
Quest Item Required: Diluted Cultist Tonic

That’s Abominable
The Skybreaker – Thassarian
Kill an Abomination in the Broken Front and collect their chilled guts.
Use your Abomination Reanimation Kit to control the abomination and explode it to kill 15 Icy Ghouls, 15 Vicious Geists, and 15 Risen Alliance Soldiers.
Quest Item Required: Abomination Reanimation Kit

Drag and Drop
The Skybreaker – Thassarian
Obtain 3 Orbs of Illusion from Bitter Initiates in Aldur’thar and use them on the Dark Subjugators in the same area.
Drag and Drop 3 Dark Subjugators.

Not a Bug
The Skybreaker – Thassarian
Kill Enslaved Minions at Aldur’thar and use the rod on their corpses to obtain 5 Dark Matter.
Use Dark Matter at Summoning Stone to summon the Dark Messenger.
Quest Item Required: Rod of Siphoning

Get the Message
The Skybreaker High Captain Justin Bartlett
Using the Dart Gun, shoot down Orgrim Hammer Scouts over the Icecrown Glacier.
Obtain 6 Orgrim Hammer’s Dispatches.

No Mercy!
The Skybreaker High-Captain Justin Bartlett
Kill 15 Horde Players in Icecrown.
Daily PVP Quest

Slaves to Saronite
The Skybreaker – Absalan the Pious
Rescue 10 Saronite Mine Slaves from the Saronite Mine in Ymirheim.
+250 Argent Crusade Reputation

Blood of the Chosen
The Skybreaker – Knight-Captain Drosche
Kill 20 vrykul in Ymirheim.
+250 Valiance Expedition Reputation
+125 Alliance Vanguard Reputation

King of the Mountain
Ymirheim – Frazzle Geargrinder
Use the Geargrinder’s Jumpbot to plant the Alliance Battle Standard on the pile of skulls at the top of the mountain.
+250 Valiance Expedition Reputation
+125 Alliance Vanguard
Daily PVP Quest

Vile Like Fire!
The Shadow Vault – Vile
Use a Njorndar Proto-Drake and set fire to 8 Jotunheim buildings.
+250 Ebon Blade Reputation

Leave Our Mark
The Shadow Vault – Baron Silver
Plant 15 Ebon Blade Banners in the corpses of Jotunheim Vrykul.
Quest Item Required:  Ebon Blade Banner
+250 Ebon Blade Reputation

Shoot ‘Em Up
The Shadow Vault – The Leaper
Use the Jotunheim Rapid-Fire Harpoon to shoot down 20 Jotunheim Proto-Drakes and their riders.
+250 Ebon Blade Reputation

From Their Corpses, Rise!
Death’s Rise – Setaal Darkmender
Use the Darkmender’s Tincture on 10 Scarlet Onslaught corpses.
Quest Item Required:  Darkmender’s Tincture
+250 Ebon Blade Reputation

Intelligence Gathering
Death’s Rise – Aurochs Grimbane
Obtain Scarlet Onslaught Keys at Onslaught Harbor from Scalret Onslaught members.
Gather 5 Onslaught Intel Documents.
+250 Ebon Blade Reputation

Static Shock Troops: the BombardmentAlliance Infra-Green Base – Kibli Killohertz
Talk to Karen No and obtain an Alliance Infra-Green Bomber.
Destroy 50 Bombardment Infantry, 10 Bombardment Captains, and 20 Gargoyle Ambushers.

Putting the Hertz:  The Valley of Lost Hope
Alliance Infra-Green Base – Kibli Killohertz
Talk to Karen No and obtain an Alliance Infra-Green Bomber.
Destroy 50 Bombardment Infantry, 20 Gargoyle Ambushers, 12 Scourge War Machines, and 12 Frostbrood Sentries.


9 Responses to “Boomba’s Icecrown Daily Quest Guide”

  1. […] Boomba’s Icecrown Daily Quest Guide […]

  2. […] If you skipped a lot of quests in Zul’Drak and Icecrown: Go back and do them!  Those two zones are full of quests awarding Ebon Blade and Argent Crusade rep.  If you don’t want to grind both of them out – I’d suggest going through Icecrown more than Zul’Drak…I feel like I got a lot more rep in Icecrown AND when you quest there, it opens up the daily quests – three of which (Vile Like Fire!, Leave Our Mark, and Shoot ‘Em Up!) are Ebon Blade dailies awarding at least 250 rep.  The three dailies are picked up at The Shadow Vault from Vile (The Abomination), The Leaper (Geisty Fellow), and Baron Silver (The Death Knight on His Mount).  Thassarian is on The Skybreaker, the ship that circles overhead in Icecrown and has four other dailies for you to complete, but I can’t say for sure if any of them give you Ebon Blade rep.  As for Argent Crusade, I don’t believe that I encountered any dailies that give you Argent Crusade Rep.  Sorry about that!   Edit:  I finished my Icerown Daily Guide and it can be found here. […]

  3. I can’t get the dailies from the Skybreaker ship. I have done a ton of quests and no one states clearly how to get the dailies here.

    If you can help I would appreciate it. I have completed the Ebon Blade quests and am Exalted with them, but cannot start the other dailies. I appreciate any ideas you might share.

    • @Bravesirrobin: It’s been a long time since I was questing in Icecrown, but I believe that the dailies from The Skybreaker come from doing some of the Icecrown Group quests…I think specifically the ones that come from Thassarian. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more help. 😦

  4. I think a lot of the dailys in icecrown i didnt get till I was lvl 80 and i was told you dont get most of them till your lvl 80 if thats any help

  5. You should add “No fly zone” – one of the Ebon blade daylies.

  6. The way you get the skybreaker quests is to start with a quest from dalaran near the flight path, that should open up more quests.

  7. Argent Crusade repeatable quests are the Pa’trol quest in Zul’drak & extra rep awarded if you complete all 4 parts and return to questgiver at Argent Stand in 20 min. Also Slaves to Saronite on the Skybreaker. And many of the Tournament dailies.

  8. Thx for the Dalaran tip….in fact, i made some skybreaker quests, before i spoke with the guy in dalaran, well speaking to that guy only brought me to the leader of the ship, but still no questa from boltwrench…fück

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