Just An Update

Naxx10 with two healers.
It was me (Still a Holy Mage/Disc Priest and loving it) and a Resto Druid.  Some of the fights were down to the wire, but we pulled them off and it was great for my morale.  Before doing that, I had a bad night in Naxx and let my tank die like four times because of bad positioning/silences.  I felt like crap about it.  So, coming off of that crushing defeat and being able to redeem myself (to myself since I am my fiercest critic) was great for my healery self-esteem.  It felt really good to heal that place with just the two of us.  The extra DPS person made a HUGE difference.  It was a lot of fun.


Got a battleground mount for Bayloo.
You know, the 30 badges from AV, AB, and WSG kind.  I had a blast as Disc in WSG to grind the rest of the badges I needed for the mount and we won a ton today, which I’m definitely not used to at all – my old server was in favor of the Horde in every BG but AV.  So, now my Priest has a shiny new black war kitty.  >^..^<

Timed CoT.
I’m up to eight successful CoT runs with no drake.  I keep losing the rolls.  I’ve set up a consistent 5-man guild group and we will be doing this instance together until we each get a drake since we know we can do it successfully.  Then, depending on desire…we can just swap people in so they can get one too.  I don’t know why it’s such an obsession to me lately, but I’ve been wanting the drake badly.  Hopefully my time will come soon.

Update:  Up to 10 successful timed runs with no drake. Will he ever be mine?  😦

We poked our heads in last night and tonight.  The server crashed at least twice last night so we didn’t get far.  Tonight, we downed Flame Leviathan (SO FREAKING FUN!) and took a few shots at the next few bosses.  We decided that we weren’t going to research the bosses or strats and just see if we could figure them out.  Wow, does that trash hit HARD!   I had a blast driving the Demolisher (that’s what I always drive in Wintergrasp) and nuking the heck out of stuff.  From all of the stuff I’ve read on Ulduar, it seems that the main points are that the content is hard…that crowd control will be making a comeback and you need better gear than Naxx10 for Normal Mode Ulduar 10?  (This makes no sense to me…if you can only run 10 mans, are they saying that you are forced to PUG for the better gear?  That’s crap.)

Dual Specs
I wasn’t going to bother picking this up on my Priest, but then decided that it might be worth it to have for solo questing or to fill in a DPS role in an instance/raid slot.  My original plan was for my Primary Spec to be Discipline and the Secondary Spec to be Holy (since I have a really nice fully epic holy set just collecting dust in the bank at the mo’) but it’s a long story why I didn’t go that route for now.  My First Spec is Disc, second spec is Shadow.  I fully intend on this changing down the line, I’m really just playing around with the DPS spec when doing my dailies or questing for cash.  Shadow is fun, but as far as caster DPS goes, I’d rather level my 70 Mage to 80 and just blast things in the face.  I must say that I’m pretty impressed so far though – wearing my Disc gea and without any Shadow glyphs, I was able to pull 2200 dps on an 80 target dummy!  I’ll need to collect  some +hit gear (never thought I’d go DPS with this toon so I never bothered) before I could run a heroic or raid with her effectively in a DPS role, but it’s still good to know that I can DPS in a pinch without switching my gear.

Argent Tournament Stuff
You know I’m a sucker for mounts and pets…so I’ll be grinding this on the side when I have time.  I love the titles too…would be cool to be Bayloo of Exodar and Boomba of Stormwind.  I liked the beginning quests (not all the travel, but the simplicity of them) especially the quests on horseback.  I love mounted combat, it should be a lot of fun going forward in the tourney.


Finally made enough extra cash to afford the Red Drake!
He’s so pretty!   I’m reading the Warcraft novel, War of the Ancients, and ever since I started it, I wanted to own the Wyrmrest Accord dragon.  I’m very happy with him.


~ by Boombaloo on 17 April 2009.

3 Responses to “Just An Update”

  1. I didn’t think I’d be that interested in the Argent Tournament, but with mounts and pets, I find myself looking forward to participating.

  2. @AG: Been very busy I see! 🙂 I wasn’t too thrilled with the Argent Tourney until I saw the Mechnopeep pet my gnome can get. *laugh* The Argent mount looks awesome as well. Dailies just never go away…

    My guild also ventured into Ulduar and dropped Deconstructor in 10 man (2-3 hours later…lol) and Flame Leviathan in 10- and 25-man. You have to listen to Deconstructor just once. The voice is hilarious.

    I got Dual Specs on my mage as well, going to a 71-pt frost spec to use for farming. I suppose I could PvP with it, but I shudder when I think about PvP. The Argent Tourney is bad enough! A dual spec might be something to consider if I get back to playing my SPriest.

    Good to see you are still having fun!

    • @Markus: Too true about dailies. They plague us…my daily routine now takes forever to complete with two level 80s to run through quests. Why didn’t I put them on two different accounts?! At least that way I could put one on autofollow and only have to do the quests once, lol. Good luck with your new spec, Ulduar and the tourney! I feel bad for not writing more, but I used to write on my lunch break at work and now I just play instead. 😛

      @Willel: Me too! The mounts and pets make it worth it since I’m such an addict for those things. 😀

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