My Current Frustrations With WoW…

My Current Frustrations With WoW
Ranked in Order of Importance

1 – No need for strats or planning.  AOE Tanking/Pulls makes for some seriously lazy instancing.
2 – Sloppy Play: Caused by the above.  If you pull too much, oh well – just AOE it down.  The common response to “Why did you just body pull – you’re ranged DPS?”  “So what?  We didn’t wipe.”  The mantra seems to be something like, “Sloppy Play, Because We Can!” and it just irks the hell out of me.
3 – PUG Raids. I’ll spare you all my tangent on this one.  (And believe me, it’s scathing and quite long, so you lucked out!)  In short, I’m not a fan of doing it and what’s the motivation to wipe on content that a PUG can easily finish?  Not that I’m able to take advantage of guild or PUG raids because of my timezone, schedule, and the fact that I’m DPS and therefore a dime a dozen, but meh.
4 – Rogues are fun to play, but extremely difficult. Can’t put up numbers even close to a well geared DK or SV Hunter and that’s enough to disappoint me.  No ranged DPS class should be able to out dps Melee DPS.  Just standing back and PEWPEWing is ridiculous compared to all the manuevering that’s required for melee.  It feels like at least one boss in every instance has some kind of whirlwind attack that can one shot me.  I’m sure that’s an exaggeration, but that’s how it feels to me.
5 – Leveling an alt isn’t a very attractive option because of the Rep Grind for the good Rep gear.  The only rep I have left on the Rogue is Wyrmrest – grinding all of those reps again via dailies and tabards isn’t what I feel like doing.

6 – LF Heals, then gtg. I’ve wanted to play a healing class for a long time now, but I hate soloing/questing with them.  My original plan was to take Bayloo to 80 before Boombastic, but that didn’t happen.  I should’ve just done what I wanted to do.  I definitely regret not playing her to 80.  At least Healers are in demand.  It’s not really fun to login every night and be a class that isn’t in demand.  I don’t regret having an 80 Rogue and the trip to 80 was fun, but now I’m just capped out with no where to go gear-wise.
7 – Skill or the lack thereof – One of the reasons I stopped pugging is because of how annoying it is to run with people who claim that they have played the game for years, but don’t know basic things about the game, its mechanics, or their class.  If they are truly a new player, I’m happy to help them out.  But people who are really bad and think they’re good annoy me.  They’re the first ones to criticize other players for their lack of dps/skill/common sense/gear/know-how/tanking ability/healing/general wow knowledge/etc. but then don’t get out of the effing void zone during the first minute of a fight, die, and wind up winning an epic because it’s free roll loot.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not even close to being the best Rogue out there, but I feel like I try to do the next right thing as much as possible…stand behind the tank, focus on the tank’s target, keep all my abilities up, time my cooldowns, protect the healer, respect people in the group, research the fights to figure out my role if I have a specific job to do, only roll on loot that’s an upgrade not just because it’s zomgpurple…and the list goes on and on.
8 – Personality Conflicts. Nuff said.

I was off from work for three days and in that time, I probably played WoW a total of two hours.  If that.  I basically just signed on to do the cooking daily and to quest with my Priest a bit.   I’m not so pissed or annoyed at the game that I want to quit, I just really need to find that “sweet spot” of what is going to make me happy.  I’m completely stuck right now, gear-wise, so I need to make the decision of what to do next.  I’d love to play the Priest, but pugging an instance run every night is a pain in the rear (as I mentioned, I HATE pugging) and soloing as a Holy Priest kinda blows.  I miss playing my Mage a lot, but she’s another DPSer – dime a dozen – and I’d be in the same boat at 80 as I am with Boom now.


I’m hoping that things will resolve themselves soon and I can get back to enjoying the game like I used to.  🙂


~ by Boombaloo on 23 February 2009.

14 Responses to “My Current Frustrations With WoW…”

  1. I feel your pain. I’m a lvl 80 priest and I see the “need haelz then g2g” all the time. Except I’m shadow so no one wants to play with me. My plan was to ding 80 and respec to holy for the instances, but there are so many other quests out there for me to solo still. Now Dual-Spec is on the horizon. Do I respec now and pick shadow back up when the patch comes out? Or wait to go holy when 3.1 is live? I want to re-spec holy and start learning to heal (and start getting good gear) and for 3.1 I can get Shadow back and finish the quests I still have out there. But I really like shadow and don’t want to conform.

    • @Rob: I hear you loud and clear. I don’t want to wait for the patch to come out because I could be 80 by then…but if I do wait – I could use Shadow to quest and have the Holy spec to instance with – which would make things a lot easier…but I don’t want to level my Mage while I’m waiting for the dual specs…I want to play the priest to 80 next, lol. UGH!!!!! The advice that I can’t seem to follow myself is “Play what you enjoy”. But I’ll pass it along to you anyway. You pay to play the game, play what you enjoy…not what anyone else would want you to play. 🙂 And good luck. Most people who are healing use Healbot from what I’ve been told which makes learning to heal a lot easier. (I am totally anti-healbot, but that’s just me) Also, check out the PlusHeal forums and WorldofMatticus for some healery help when you’re ready. 😀

  2. @AG: PUG anything doesn’t work for me and I try to avoid them at all costs. I think the only thing I have pugged lately was Vault and fortunately it was short and only produced PvP gear which I don’t care for.

    I think until Ulduar comes out, the content will be nothing but an AoE fest for trash and that leads to problems even in our guild raids, especially when the pally tank decides to pull all the weapon mobs at once in the room after Razuvious. Normally all the AoE’ers die, the healers are stressed to keep people up and there is a delay as we run back or rez. The group then laughs it off and moves on. I get annoyed when I die from silly pulls like that.

    I have 2 other alts at 70 (Rogue and a SPriest) and like you, the rep grind keeps me from leveling them to 80, as well as redoing all of the quests (I really, really, really dislike Icecrown). I use them to level other professions, but that’s about it these days.

    While I am not sure playing a mage is significantly easier than a rogue (hmm…mage, rogue and SPriest…guess it’s pretty obvious where I stand on healing. *laugh*), it does get to be a pain when certain players are along for the ride and not really contributing to the run except to fill a raid slot. We actually have a mage in our guild, when he was Frostfire spec, would never cast a Scorch during a run, so it was up to the other mages or there just wouldn’t be a debuff on the boss. There is no excuse for that.

    I guess I am fortunate that I can decide for myself when to or not to raid and I don’t have to PUG anything. I know that when I signup, I will be chosen almost 100% of the time and if there are any problems in the raid, one of the officers will handle it.

    Another thing I hate, which you didn’t mention, is how people that have all the top gear will no longer help those out who need 5-man heroics to try and get the gear needed to be an asset to the 10- and 25-man raids. The attitude, “I don’t need anything from that instance,” forces the same people to try and help out at the expense of their time, when they may have other things they want to do in game.

    Hang in there AG! I suppose you could look for a bigger guild (we would take you in ours I am sure, but I don’t know if the time zones match and we are on a care bear server, probably not something you want based on your current location). Try to have fun, and if you can’t, turn the computer off and find some other fun (like I did with my photography over the weekend).

    • @Markus: “I get annoyed when I die from silly pulls like that.” – Oh yes. So do I. When it comes down to it – I don’t care about the repair bill or the consumable costs (it’s just play money, afterall). I DO care that there was no reason for it to happen. Sloppy play really pisses me off.

      I’m sure that a ranged DPS character is tough to play, but in the mind of melee DPS it sure does feel like the ranged players get to sit back and pew pew from a safe distance – not having to worry about a lot of what melee has to keep in mind during the fights. I haven’t played a ranged DPS character since Wrath came out, so it’s entirely possible that I’m talking out of my rear – but I have talked with Hunters, Mages, and Warlocks and they tend to agree…ranged is “easier” than melee these days. I’m fine with my character being tough to play, it’s a challenge – which is a rare gem these days – I just want to be rewarded by playing my character to the fullest by having the best DPS when going against ranged DPS that is equally geared. 🙂

      A lot of my problem is that I really hate raiding. There is too much chatter on Vent (I work on the phones all day in my job, so even using Vent is annoying), I don’t play much and spending the time I play during the week farming up the consumables I need and then committing myself to a four to six hour block of raiding on the weekends is ridiculous to me. Also, my work schedule doesn’t fit with my guild’s raiding schedule, so PUGging everything is my only option which I refuse to do. :/ I’m just kinda stuck all around and I know it’s my issue, but I wish I could just find that “Sweet Spot” or that niche that I could enjoy again. I hate feeling like I’m being left behind – and by not pugging 25 mans and not raiding with my guild, that’s exactly what’s happening…which sucks. :S

      Great point about the geared folks not helping the under-geared. That’s lame. To me, that’s what a guild is for. Not to flaunt what raid you’re pugging or to link some epic you won in some raid that wasn’t a guild raid…but to help each other and to have fun together. My guild is (or was, more accurately) a casual guild – I loved it because I didn’t have to worry about raiding at all. I loved being able to sign in and get a 5 man together that was fun. And now with all the heroic achievements, I would love to just focus on them, but people would rather pug themselves into a raid our guild can not do – for the ZOMGEPIX.

      It’s just a sad state of affairs for me right now. Hopefully it will work itself out or I will wind up doing something else for awhile. Either way, something’s gonna have to give somewhere along the line.

      Thanks for the offer on the guild invite – I really appreciate that. But I have a lot of RL friends in this guild…and I’m an officer (I guess, doesn’t quite feel like that’s true these days either, lol but that’s a post for another time) so I will stick with them or quit completely.

      And thanks for your advice. I really appreciated it.

  3. I agree with you on almost everything you said here. However, I completely agree with #4. It’s BS that a hunter can out-DPS me by 60% or more. Don’t get me wrong, i think many of these classes play important roles, but rogues have to work really hard to keep their DPS up, be 100% alert, etc and still get shafted on the DPS side. What makes it even worse is that rogues are often the last to get invited to the raid nowadays because even enhance shammies are more values because of the totem buffs they offer.

    • @Kinjin: I agree. I don’t understand how a class with a DPS pet should ever out DPS a class that doesn’t have one. The hunter and pet (or DK and Ghoul, Warlock and Felguard, etc.) combined should be competitive with my DPS. Just insane.

      Playing an Assassination spec’ed Rogue in PVE is the biggest challenge that I have right now in the game, which is sad. I really miss the challenges in 5 man instances (that’s what I love best in WoW – screw raiding, lol) and the crowd control/strats. I always think back to Shadow Lab for this – the first few times we ran it and how hardcore it was for us to get through the MC boss, lol.

      Aside from a SV Hunter or DK kicking my tail on DPS, we have four abilities to keep up constantly, not stand in the fire/void zones/anticipate when a boss may potentially whirlwind and one-shot us and run away, and have no way to compete in an AOE heavy instance. FoK is better than nothing, sure. But I’m not impressed enough to sing its praises! I agree with the Shaman comment too – why bring a Rogue when you can get some kickbutt totems instead? Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  4. @AG: After thinking about it, I have to agree with you that melee requires a bit more to consider than ranged. We both have rotations and while I keep debuffs up, you have your combo points. I have the advantage of more reaction time in those moments I happen to steal aggro, where the boss can just turn around and nail you. 🙂

    I remember those first 5-man heroics where we needed to bring all the CC we could sometimes: mage to sheep, rogue to sap and hunter to trap. It may have taken a little longer to complete, but it went like clockwork each pull. I went through heroic DK yesterday with my mage, boomkin, resto druid, feral druid and SPriest and it took us all of 28 minutes to AoE our way through it. Not nearly the same satisfaction as going through an instance where you actually have to think and prepare.

    Working on the phone all day and then and then getting on vent? eek! Sounds like me where I am on a computer all day at work and then go home and spend more time on one. But I understand your comments about vent. I don’t use it unless I am in a raid, preferring to have music on instead of listening to inane chatter. Since I am one of the oldest (or maybe the oldest) member of the guild, I certainly don’t feel too much a part of their conversations any way.

    All I can say is try to find something that you like in the game…or just walk away. I am trying to complete as many of the achievements I can solo as well as UD Strat to see if the Baron’s mount will drop. I find that when I need to step away from the game, I can do it and then come back a bit more energized. My days of playing from sunrise to sunrise are over. *lol*

    Hang in there…

    • @Markus:“My days of playing from sunrise to sunrise are over. *lol*” -Yeah mine too. My boyfriend and I played constantly when Wrath came out so we could hit 80 in a week. That’s the most hardcore I’ve played in years, lol.

      “But I understand your comments about vent. I don’t use it unless I am in a raid, preferring to have music on instead of listening to inane chatter. Since I am one of the oldest (or maybe the oldest) member of the guild, I certainly don’t feel too much a part of their conversations any way.” -Me too. I listen to music 90% of the time when I’m playing WoW and getting on Vent with a group of people is insta-annoyance for me…so I tend to avoid it at all costs.

      “It may have taken a little longer to complete, but it went like clockwork each pull.” -Ahh how I miss this. I truly didn’t know what I had until it was gone. To be fair, I love that instances don’t take all night to do. They are quick, but can’t they be quick and have some strategy? 😦

  5. Your #6 is why I’m working on leveling my Holy Priest. I’ve made it to level 64 from 60 and I’ve only done maybe half of the quests in Hellfire so far. It’s amazing how quickly you can level just running Ramps, BF and the Underbog.

    I play on Greymane-US and there’s definitely a healer shortage right now. I PUG Heroics on my Hunter main but I’m hoping I can transition to a serious Raider with my Priest when he hits 80.

    • @Nance: That’s awesome. 🙂 Grats on leveling so quickly! I’d love to raid with my Priest at 80 as well – it’s just the getting there that’s challenging me right now. I really hate pugging, lol. How are the PUGS on your server?

  6. Hmm – seems like a lot of people in wow blog space are feeling ‘meh’ with the game at the mo. Worrying signs of a wider trend for Blizz perhaps?

    • @Durathor: Thanks for stopping by. I wish I had an idea of how to “fix” the game for myself, but I can’t really put my finger on why it feels broken to me. I love the game and have been playing since release, but lately it’s just not doing it for me. :/

  7. Our PUGs aren’t too bad. I wasn’t a big instance runner until Wrath came out so I’m kind of new to the scene, but without a real guild it’s my only option to see a lot of the “higher end” content. I can count on one hand the number of bad PUG experiences I’ve had since November.

  8. I hear you and feel your pain. I just found this post when it came up as possibly related to one I just made. My focus in that was your #4 above. There is no way classes in plate or ranged DPS should get the same amount of DPS we do. Especially as a “pure” class.

    @Durathor, I think the meh has to do with the challenge being taken away from the game. Easier leveling, faster access to mounts, lack of attunement, less specificity and less design in raid encounters. (Really, Blizz? One round room for a whole raid?) Go back and look at ZG and be ashamed.

    The only things that mean anything in life are the things that we struggle to achieve. It’s sad that I look at blog after blog closing up shop because the authors have left WoW. Our own RogueSpot for example. If the people who once had enough passion to write month after month about a “game” don’t want to play, how long before the wide audience Blizzard currently covets realizes there is nothing left to be passionate about. And the people who could have taught them, and told them the stories, and taught them to play properly left long ago.

    And AG, without that passion, the sloppy play, the PUGs, and the need for strategy or skill will, I’m afraid will all get worse before it gets better.

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