Here Thar Be Dragons!

I just have a quick post today since I forgot to upload the screenshots for the post to my flash drive. D’oh!  (So for the time being, all images have been pickpocketed from Google Images and uploaded here for your viewing pleasure.)

As a by-product of getting the shiny new Ambassador title, I received my first dragon mount…the Albino Drake.

albinoWhat I’m really wondering is how little Mei Francis was able to cram him into the mailbox to send him to me. That must’ve been quite the sight to behold!

Although dragons = win…this particular dragon looks very sickly to me. He’s not a very nice color. 😦

There are a few dragon mounts that I would LOVE to own, though.

-Time Lost Proto Drake (Gorgeous, fits the RP story about my character, and seriously hard to get for a casual like myself.)  ((Yes, I said RP story – stop looking at me like that!  I love PVP, but I respect the RP’ers too…kkthxbai))

timelost-Red Proto Drake Such a pretty dragon!  I definitely prefer the look of the proto drakes to the regular dragon mounts.


-And a Netherdrake. I didn’t get epic flying on my Rogue until level 78, so I didn’t have a shot at getting one of those bad boys, Pre-WotLK.  I’ve tried going back and doing the Netherwing dailies, but they are SO boring – and I have so many other things to do in Northrend – maybe I’ll have one, one day.


I know that mounts are somtimes considered a “vanity” item or a “waste” of money, but I love my mounts.  I wasn’t going to bother working toward the Leading the Calvary achievement, but when I got it by accident – I figured that I should go for Mountain O’ Mounts.  How bad (in a good way, lol) would I look on a Blue Dragonhawk mount?  Super Sweet!


~ by Boombaloo on 5 February 2009.

11 Responses to “Here Thar Be Dragons!”

  1. I would very much love a proto-drake, the time lost or plagued one to be absolutely specific 🙂

  2. @AG: Unfortunately, I think that’s the only way. Find that rare spawn soaring around Storm Peaks (but I think it flies in a very small area). Best bet would be right after a server restart.

    • @Markus: That stinks. :/ I definitely don’t play enough to camp that rare spawn. He’s so pretty though. I’m very jealous of the two I’ve seen on my server! Thanks for the info!

  3. I believe so, I’m afraid 😦
    Or be immensely lucky.

  4. I want a black proto drake they=badass

  5. I was Giga lucky just fly’ed around in The foot steppes and there come the Tlpd never ever camped for it just 100% luck ^^

  6. i have the time-lost proto drake, killed it when it accidently crossed my way near valkyron…

  7. I accidentally stumbled across him yesterday, and thought “what the heck, may as well whack him to see what he drops…”

    I had no idea, really, of what was at stake…so after a messy and silly fight, I get the BoP warning screen, and say “ok”, not really reading what it said…only after I am finally able to look in my bags to see what I got did I see the lovely purple letters and the phrase “…this is a very fast mount…”

    Just pure dumb luck!!

  8. Yesterday, I got pure dumb lucky.

    I had no idea that the TLPD had such a nice drop; I just thought, when NPCscan popped up, that I’d go whack it to see if I could get anything nice.

    After a spectacularly messy and clumsy fight, (it is very hard to gain aggro over a high-flyer with a conventional flying mount) my pet finally killed it whe we got to ground level.

    I clicked “yes” on the BoP window, not really reading what it said (like…who would click “no:?). When I was finally able to look in my bags, I saw a nice blue, a bag of money (always a nice touch!) and then some lovely purple letters with the phrase “…this is a very fast mount…” nearby.

    I had no clue. I also have no cash, so I gotta save up for the 300 level flying training before I can actually bring this beauty out to play with.

    Pure, dumb luck.

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