Boomba the Noble

Dear Blizzard,

Thank you SO much for the Noblegarden event.  I never have any luck with the RNG (except for the new daily fishing quests, yay!) and this event made it possible for me to grind the achievements in my own time.  Also, thank you for not including Dressed for the Occassion as a requirement for completing the event.  I hated the other holidays…having to log in every hour to maybe get the item that I need is extremely frustrating for a casual player like me.


I’m only bothering with the holiday achievements for the Violet Proto-drake.  I’m not really hardcore enough to have access to the Red, Black, Plagued or the new Proto-drakes that are for the Ulduar achievements.  I keep buying the Oracle eggs, so maybe I will get a Green Proto-drake one day, but the Random Number Generator is a cruel mistress and I know that if I keep grinding the holiday achievements out I have a good shot at the Violet Proto-drake.  I love the way the Proto-drakes look and I can’t wait to have one of my own.

I know that you probably don’t want to make it super easy to get the drake, but let’s face it – this is a game after all.   I think we all agree that real  life is a pretty serious grind, we play to have fun and succeed.

So thank you again for making Noblegarden as easy as it is.  It definitely made me happy.

A casual player and big fan,
Alliance Girl 😉

PS – The Spring Circlet (bunny ears) are my FAVORITE new item.  I love them and now have them on all of my characters.  Also, big fan of Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit.  Rabbiting the Horde is made of WIN.


~ by Boombaloo on 27 April 2009.

2 Responses to “Boomba the Noble”

  1. Well don’t you look cute? *lol* I have never really cared much for these special events, unless I can get a new pet or spell. So I got my obligatory 100 chocolate (I was fortunate to get the Spring Rabbit pet from an egg) to buy the new Polymorph spell and moved on. There is so much crying and sniping around the eggs that it got old for me very quickly. Did I mention I need a break from this game? *laugh*

    • @Markus: Thanks, lol. I *love* the ears. So freaking adorable, lol. I don’t blame you – the same thing was happening on my server with the eggs, I just tried to ignore everyone and grind what I needed. As soon as I was done, I went on my merry way. 😀 I started leveling my 70 Mage the other day, so I got the book too! And last night my boyfriend surprised me with the Black Cat polymorph book so now I have them all. Mwuahahahaha. Pick your embarrassment, hordies…I have plenty of animals to choose from! 😛 I’m leveling frost (it’s all I know…I’ve been frost spec’ed since my first talent spell) but wondering if I should give Arcane a try. I can’t wait for Frostfire Bolt!

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