Healing 25 Man PUGs

So, admittedly this isn’t a topic that I have a ton of experience with as I could care less about the gear in 25 mans.  My guild is too small to put a 25 man raid together and I detest pugging, so I figured that I just wasn’t going to have to deal with healing a 25 man other than just OS/VoA.  (Which was totally fine with me.)

In the last few days, I’ve been bombarded with requests to heal Naxx25.  I politely turned each one of them down, until I got a really nice tell.

Them: “Good morning.  My guild is a small, casual guild that is trying to do Naxx25, but we are short on healers.  If you’re not too busy, would you mind coming to help?”

I almost turned them away, but I felt bad for them knowing that if my guild tried to put a 25 man together, we’d be in the same position of having to PUG certain spots.  I told them I would come and help, grabbed my raiding bag out of the bank and off I went.

25 man healing is seriously like playing “Whack-A-Mole”.  I use Grid so that my party frames are all pretty, but I don’t use Clique or HealBot or any other healing mods…that’s a post for another time…I just don’t like using Healing mods.  It’s really all about prioritzing and wondering if the other healers are seeing what you’re seeing.  Luckily, Grid tells me when a heal is coming in for a player.  It also shows me by putting a red outline around the player’s frame as soon as they pull aggro.  When I’m on my game and paying attention, I can Pain Suppression and PW:S the aggro puller before they get one-shot (as most commonly it is a clothie who is putting out an insane amount of DPS).

It kind of surprises me how often I have to clarify what a Disc Priest is to a Raid Leader, though.  They always ask if that means I can still heal or if I’m DPS.  Then they struggle with where to put me for healing assignments.  I finally came up with an analogy that I’m quite proud of to explain it:

Think of me as a Holy Mage.  Instead of nuking the stuffing out of a mob with damaging spells, I’m like a Mage that nukes the stuffing out of my target with healing spells.  Assign me where you would assign any single-target healer and I’ll be sure to get the job done.

It’s very true in my mind.  I feel like a Holy Mage…Disc is very visually aggressive between Penance and Prayer of Mending.  It’s like you’re assaulting them with the heals.  I love it. ❤

The group went ok that day…we got to a certain point and it became too difficult without Vent.

Fast forward to today.  I joined another Naxx25 PUG on the recommendation of a fellow guild healer.  I’m thinking, “Ok, this will be better with someone I know in the run – especially a fellow healery type that can give me the inside track on what to do since this is only my second time here.”  In all fairness, he was in the group the day before and they did very well – he had no idea the leaders had changed and we were in for a one boss kill, three hour ordeal.

As soon as I joined the raid and buffed up, they announce that they’re going for Military Wing first.  I get a whisper from the other Priest in the raid telling me to call it out on Vent when he needs to taunt off of me because his mic is broken.  I start freaking out.  I immediately whisper the raid leader (after watching the fight on YouTube, I know they’re trying to tell me that they want me to Mind Control one of the adds) frantically announcing that I have never done this fight before on 25 man, just 10 – let alone being able to Mind Control the adds.  Mind Control wasn’t even on my UI since I never use it these days, lol.

I’m ignored until we get to Razuvious and I am still whispering people, offering to bow out to make room for a Priest that knows the fight – at the very least one that has some kind of hit gear (I have 12 hit, atm) and they wind up coercing me to try the fight.  Of couse, we wipe immediately.  My mind controlled target broke right after I had him.  I got him back, he broke again – but not before ravaging the raid and going on a massive killing spree.

They were very nice to me, I’m sure it had something to do with the fact that I spoke on their Vent (something I haven’t done in a PUG in some time) to tell them that I couldn’t hold the add.  I’m just sayin’…they hear you’re female and the game changes.  In this case, it did me a service to have them know I was a girl…because they really took the mickey out of the Priest who kept messing it up after me.  The Vent channel was filled with colorful language and insults.  I was so nervous after I messed up, but I know I gave it a try and that I was up front from the beginning that I had no idea what I was doing.

They found another Priest who pulled it off after four more tries and we downed the boss.  Then we spent 3 more hours with no other boss kills to show for it and a lot of sloppy and lousy playing.

I’m really enjoying Disc, but it’s a lot more challenging to “play right” than Holy from what I’ve noticed.  You definitely fluctuate between periods of frantic, “ZOMGGONNALOSETHETANKPOMPENANCESHIELD…ok he’s fine now, whew” to twiddling your thumbs waiting for your shield to break and for someone to start taking damage.  In this particular raid, I was second on healing done and fifth on overhealing.  I’m pretty proud of that.

All in all, I have to say that I really love healing 5 and 10 mans, but am NOT a fan of 25s.  I’m glad that I don’t have to heal them unless I choose to find a PUG…I doubt I’ll be doing that again anytime soon.


~ by Boombaloo on 9 April 2009.

5 Responses to “Healing 25 Man PUGs”

  1. Awesome AG! Good to see you jump out of your comfort zone and try the 25-man Naxx. My SPriest has actually healed twice (2, count them 2) and it was only a 5-man run. I was completely flummoxed as I kept wanting to watch the fight and not just everyone’s HP bars. I have a lot of respect for healers that can keep my cloth butt alive and I do my best to not stress them by pulling aggro.

    I am sure if you were doing 25-mans regularly within your guild, you would find it to be much easier. Regular healing assignments, healers only channel in chat, makes those things a lot easier to delegate. Granted, we don’t run with and Disc priests, but it usually goes pretty smoothly with our holy priests, resto druids and shammies and holy pallies each with their assignments.

  2. Yes congratulations on giving it a try! You’re a brave soul. I too dislike 25’s and am also disc. I LOVE disc, it’s much more entertaining than holy. People still don’t understand disc I think, a couple times I’ve had tanks tell me not to bubble them so soon and I said I couldn’t help it, since Divine Aegis procs off crit spells. With warrior/druid tanks I find I’m not only watching their health, but also watching their rage so I don’t end up rage starving them.

    @ Markus, I love the line where you say, I wanted to watch the fight instead of everyone’s HP. There are fights for sure where I had no idea what the combat phase looked like because the green bars were all I watched (well and the fire below me-he he). I’d do them later on a DPS toon and be all dumbfounded, “OOOhhh, so that’s what happens.” 😛

    • @Elgar: Thanks. 😀 I agree – Disc is so much more fun than Holy. It’s more challenging for me than Holy was and I already have DPS characters, so Shadow doesn’t have that allure that it might have for other Priests.

  3. A new macro for inviting healers is being created ass we speak 🙂 We have been short on healers this week due to my fav one visiting vegas, but you are right, a nice tell goes a long way.

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