My First Title


The other night, my guild was going for another Maly kill and I signed up as heals.  Both times we’ve killed him have been very lucky.  The first time, we killed him with about a second left before we went berserk and the most recent kill, we were all dead, but the dots finished him off, lol.  A kill is still a kill!  😉

I got my first title on my healer, Bayloo…as shown above.  Pretty cool!  😀

I’ve been having a blast playing the Priest lately.  I actually like to raid now – as long as it’s with good groups.  I haven’t really had the desire to PUG outside of my guild for Naxx25, but after my third whisper in a day asking me to come heal, I decided to peek in and see what it was like.  It was pretty awful.  People were pulling when the group wasn’t ready, no one was giving out healing assignments, we only cleared Spider Wing then got stuck on Noth.  I wound up leaving, but not before winning a crit belt that I’m VERY happy with.  😀  I just need a few more pieces and I’ll have an entirely epic Disc set to go with my fully epic Holy set that is currently collecting dust in the bank at the moment.  😛

Ps – Does anyone know why the widgets aren’t showing in WordPress if you’re using Firefox?  Grrrr.


~ by Boombaloo on 6 April 2009.

7 Responses to “My First Title”

  1. YAY AG! The titles can be fun. I am sticking with “Chef” for now, until I can get the last achievement for my “Salty” title. 🙂

  2. Gratz on the title and gear! I myself just got the title as well.

    As for pugs, I generally dislike doing that as well, but I’m thinking with two raiding toons I’ll probably need to start. The few pugs I’ve been on haven’t been great, but at the same time I usually get a little something, if only emblems.

    I suppose one way to look at it is that the current content is easy enough to pug, but everything I’m reading is telling us that Ulduar will more than likely not be puggable. Pugs always seem to fall apart as soon as it gets too hard and it looks like it’ll be too hard at the start.

    • @Kyrilean: Thank you and grats to you for getting your title as well! 😀

      I think as time goes on, the quality people who were pugging while waiting for their guild to have enough geared 80s to do guild runs has passed…and I’ve been unforunately stuck with the leftover pugs who have been awful. The other night, I was in a Violet Hold Heroic group that failed FOUR times on the first boss. Two nights before that, I was pulled into a Heroic Vault with a Druid tank using Boomkin gear to tank in…the list goes on and on…

      There are some people who believe that they are better than me because their tolerance is higher for dealing with stuff like the above in Naxx25 (simply because they have been able to PUG it and get better gear), but my sanity is worth more than spam healing a tank in cloth and then getting chewed out when we wipe. I don’t want the Naxx25 gear that badly, lol.

  3. Great post, love your blog!

  4. @AG: You can refer to me now as “Salty Markus.” Now I just need that Sewer Rat pet that keeps avoiding me (1200+ casts to date).

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