The Journey to Make an Alt a New Main

Due to a series of unfortunate events in real life, I’ve found myself with some time off from work to try to heal myself.   This has been a bittersweet time for me.  Sure, it’s time off work (if you like burning your vacation time and being in constant pain – unable to walk or leave the house – Yay!  /sarcasm) but also, the situation has left me with a lot of time to play a lot of Warcraft.   It’s just a happy coincidence that while I’m healing myself, I’m also healing the adventurers of Azeroth in all of the Northrend dungeons.

I took my 70 Priest to 80 as fast as possible (for me) which meant a little over a week of dungeon grinding and questing.  I wound up in almost all blues just from getting drops in instances, with Dungeon Master completed and healing my first two Heroics the same night.  Heroic Drak’tharon Keep wasn’t bad at all (of course, it was a guild run and everyone was WAY overgeared for it) and Heroic Oculus…pretty hard, but we did it in the end.

All in all, I love playing a healer and I’ve had a blast with it.  I’ve wanted to play one for a few years, but was always worried about “stepping on other people’s toes” or encroaching into their territory…but ultimately, I pay to play the game just like everyone else and I should do what will make me happy.  Hopefully people will help me gear her up so I can help the guild since we always seem to be short on Healery types.  🙂

Here a few of the screenshots I took on my journey to 80 and to mark the occassion!  😀
I know that I won’t abandon the Rogue totally, but for now I’m switching my main to the Priest.  We’re never short on DPS and this way I can actually help the guild by playing a character I’ve always wanted to play.  Win/win situation.  As for all of the grinding rep to get the gear for her, well – I think I’ll be buying the BOE epics instead.  I’m just not interested in grinding it out, lol.







~ by Boombaloo on 13 March 2009.

10 Responses to “The Journey to Make an Alt a New Main”

  1. Grats on reaching 80 and your declaration of a new main! Especially since she’s of the healing and Draenei variety 😉

    • @Anea: Thanks!! I lurve the Draenei. I have a few, but this is the one that I wound up sticking with. Her pigtails are just TOO cute. 😀 Do you know where I can get some info about Discipline gear/healing? I’m thinking of making the switch to discipline since our raids already have a Dwarf Holy Priest, and I can’t really find any info. :/

  2. Ouch AG, I hope everything is ok.

    I tried to heal when I was leveling my priest to 70. He ended up being a SPriest at the end. I … just … can’t … heal. I want to stare at the screen and the mob and not just health bars. That’s great that you found something to maintain your interest in WoW. Now get to healing yourself! 🙂

    • @Markus: Thanks – hopefully one of these days they’ll figure out how to heal my two ripped ligaments, but until then – I’m just a-sufferin’ through. :/ Enough RL stuff though, lol…I understand what you mean about the health bars…I went on a Timed CoS run and then Heroic AN on my Rogue and I felt like I couldn’t DPS anymore! I kept staring at the party’s health bars (didn’t help that I didn’t have time to change my UI from my Healery one to the DPS one) and I kept letting my cooldowns lapse and felt like an utter noob (but still pulled about 1500 DPS, so I didn’t suck completely…just more than when I was playing just the Rogue lol).

  3. Well… because I’m not sure exactly where you’re at and what sort of info you need (and because I don’t know much about disc and don’t want to point you in any wrong directions) I will link tag pages for priest blogs that write about priest and know their thing.

    World of Snarkcraft’s gearing tag – a bit general, but since gear is important, I put it there. They include bits about what might be important for both holy and disc in their write-ups. You could also check out their discipline tag.

    I Like Bubbles’ priest tag – as you can see from her header, her priest is of the discipline persuasion and right there in the beginning I can see pertinent articles.

    WI’s Spiritual Guidance tag – I haven’t been reading WI recently, so I can’t be sure what’s in there anymore, but back when I did read, sometimes there were good posts. (And of course, stay away from the comments as they’re generally crappy, imo.)

    Several of WoM’s posts:
    Making the Switch – Holy to Disc
    10 Tips for the New Discipline Priest
    Interview: Holy Priest vs. Discipline Priest
    Discipline with Penance: How it Works
    Thoughts on Rapture and Mana Regen

    And further exploring any of those blogs could of course give you more info than I provided with only these links. I hope this helps!

    • @Anea: Thank you SO much!!

      This will be a HUGE help. 😀 You are my hero! I guess I spelled Discipline wrong or something on WoM cause I couldn’t find any posts about it. This is so great! I’ll have plenty of reading material in the doctor’s waiting rooms, lol.

  4. Those are all great posts and things to help you, by the way.
    I am glad that you are going to be Disc! I am really excited to see how someone that I personally does with it and how much they really like it. I love my Holy Priest and would never change it for the world. It is going to be a great team with you in the five man raids and I hope that we can get you geared up really fast so that we can have you for some awesome Ulduar runs coming up!
    The Discipline Priest + Holy Priest + Resto Druid = Win!!!!


    • @Frangus: Thanks Frangus. I had a ton of fun healing Naxx the last few times. 😀 I’m loving my Priest. Having more fun lately than I have in a long time in WoW.

  5. And + shadow priest Frang 😉

    – Mune

    p.s. Gratz Boom!!

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