A drama-free raid is great medicine for burnout

I volunteered to fill a spot in my guild’s Naxx 10 run over the weekend.  Before volunteering, I made sure to scope out who would be in the run since I really just can’t stand the drama these days.  Being a member of Guild Leadership means that I’m privy to a lot of “he said/she said” type arguments – as well as the behind the scenes bickering and squabbling of certain members.  I know it’s selfish of me, but because I haven’t been loving the game lately and things in my personal life have been stressful as well – I really didn’t want to set myself up to fail for my first raid in weeks.  I decided if member X, Y, or Z were in the raid, that I would just log my alt and play and they could PUG a DPS.

Once I saw that the Drama Llamas weren’t going to be around for the run, I relaxed and just had a good time.  We wiped on some of the bosses, which I was surprised about, but all in all, we cleared the content.  Apparently, the guild had taken a three week break from raiding (I was unaware of this, since I stopped even going to the sign-ups for a long time) and were a little rusty.  Speaking of rusty, my DPS sucked the second night…more on that in a little bit.

gluthThe first night we cleared The Plague and Military Quarters which finished up everything but the last two bosses.  I think my favorite fight in Naxx so far is The Four Horsemen.  I really love that fight.  🙂   Another one of my favorites is Gluth.  He is so ugly,  he’s adorable!!  And I think that big bad undead puppy gave me my T7 shoulders for cuddling with him between dagger jabs.  Woot!  4 piece T7 bonus.  😀

The first night had our Leet Shadow Priest (Hi Mune!) on top of the DPS by a mile.  Then depending on the nature of the fight, the second spot went to either Me or a Survivalist Hunter.  I felt pretty good about that since I haven’t done a lot of fighting on the Rogue lately and a few times I let my buffs lapse because my timing was off.  Lag really affects the Envenom > Slice and Dice refresher.  I try to wait until the last second, but with the lag the way it is, it’s not possible.  The second night’s DPS was a different story…

Night Two we were after Sapphiron and Kel’thuzad.  The Hunters (2 Survivalist and 1 Beast Master) were are the top of the DPS chart, consistently.  For fourth place, it went back and forth between the FF Mage and I.  Which is a pretty crushing blow since he hasn’t been 80 for long.  (WTB Rogue Friendly 10 Man Raid Buffs, Please!!)  During the Sapph attempt, I didn’t get de-cleansed, and wound up dying since my Cloak was on CD.  We downed him, but it was bittersweet since I had to disappointedly watch the fight from the floor.  Then, on KT – I had a specific job to do, which was exciting since I haven’t been asked to CC or do anything but the STABBITY in any fight for a long time.  I was supposed to cooperate with the tank and kick (when he couldn’t bash) the frostbolts.  My DPS was crap during this fight because I was being very safe with the kicks.  I probably could’ve DPSed more, but I wanted to do well and get as many of the bolts interrupted as I could.  I have no idea how people do this fight on 25 man.  It looked like the tank, feral druid, and I were all in the correct positions, but we got frostblocked.  Somehow we lived through it, except the Druid. (Go Go Every Man for Himself + Cloak of Shadows!!)  We were told to “spread out” so I was at max melee range, and the three of us were in a triangle…I still don’t understand what happened there.  Also, how is it possible to spread out if you have more than say four melee DPS?  I should YouTube it to see what people do.  We wound up defeating both end bosses (I was alive for the KT defeat, yay!) and I won myself a shiny “Kel’thuzad’s Reach” fist weapon.  I am a Dagger Rogue through and through, but if Combat ever gets smexy enough to tempt me to play around with it, I’ll have that weapon to use in my Mad Scientist Rogue Experiments, mwuahahaha.

It was pretty fun.  Now I just have to do the very first few bosses in order to get the achievement for clearing Naxx 10.  🙂

I’m really proud of my guild.  Woo Hoo, Naxx 10 cleared!!


~ by Boombaloo on 4 March 2009.

7 Responses to “A drama-free raid is great medicine for burnout”

  1. @AG: Yeah, the placement for the melee on KT can be tricky, from making a triangle or a box. We have taken him down in 25-man and it gets a little crazy for the melee. If you use Deadly Boss Mods, there is a /distance command which will show you who is close to you and you can set it to 10 yards to make sure you are away from everyone. BTW, your mages can counterspell the Frostbolt as well. No reason the melee should have to do all the interrupts.

    We did all 4 wings of 25-man Naxx last night with no rogue (can you believe it?) as that seems to be the least represented class in our raiders. (the raid schedule was changed this week and I was able to go for once) Our damage meter is always topped by a Ret Pally, then a DK, followed by a Mage, SPriest then a mix of Boomkin, Shammy and Warrior. I have yet to find a way to top that damn Pally. *lol* Strange how our hunters are so far below everyone else, especially compared to what happened in your run.

    Keep having fun AG!

    • @Markus: Thank you. I’ll have to look into Deadly Boss Mods so I can use that distance command! I’m not surprised that you didn’t have a Rogue though – I’m the only 80 Rogue in my guild. It would be great for getting gear, but I have to compete with a Feral Druid a lot. :/ Crazy stuff – the Hunters in my guild have been on top of the DPS since going survivalist unless the Shadow Priest comes because his gear is the best in guild right now.

      I’m sure 25 man would be different – I always do well in 25 man Vault/OS…because I get my Rogue friendly buffs. 😀 Stuff that I’ve yet to get in 10 mans like any of the Shaman buffs or two different Pally buffs, etc.

  2. Coming from a fellow rogue, the 25man KT isn’t too much different, and not as terrible as it seems. Two groups between the coat tails of KT stacking up usually does the trick. Myself and one other competant melee grabs some raid markers over our heads and yell at the others to stack up on us. The trick that I have found is that KT has 3 coat tails in the back, sort of making half of a compass. If you have two competant melee classes, give them marks and tell them to stand max range between the coat tails. That makes a perfect visual reference. If you consider the tank being north side of the boss, the melee would end up at a perfect southwest and southeast using the coat tail method I have found. The main problem is when your group gets iceblocked, but with the extra healers in the raid, a couple circles of healing and chain heals turn that into a joke.

    The interrupts, we usually have 5 or more melee, so we just tell everyone, “if you got an interrupt, use it”. If the tank takes a bolt to the face, its not a big issue. The bolts dont hit for much at all. Heck, if you set up your healers correctly, you can ignore the bolts alltogether.

    And grats on the Naxx clear!!!

    • @Faru: Thanks for this! It will be a long time (if ever) that we can do 25 man content, but it’s good to know that it’s not as hard as I thought it would be. I just couldn’t visualize it.

  3. Getting back to your original topic…

    Anything Drama free is a plus. The Naxx raid I went on this week was also drama free, mostly due to the loot drops. With dual specs on the horizon, people are gear for multiple specs, which makes sense. Our loot method, EPGP, works great and there is rarely an issue. If specs come into question, then the item goes to the person who will use it for their main spec or their main armor class. The only time we have had any drama is when people try to use guilt to get someone to pass on an item so they can get it. Fortunately, the officers are quick to squash that.

    The final 2 bosses in naxx were completed last night (I couldn’t make it) and I was lucky enough to miss the guilt drama they had over KT loot. People have to realize it’s only purple pixels and doesn’t mean squat in the real world. If people need a video game and damage meters to somehow display superiority or leetness, they really need to get out of mom’s basement and see the sun.

    Have a great weekend AG!

    • @Markus: I definitely agree. Drama-free is the way to go. 😀 I have a question…what is EPGP? It sounds interesting. Is it like DKP? I’ll have to Google it when I get done here and see what it’s all about. Amen about the purple pixels and damage meters (although my competitive nature loves to see me sitting atop them! 😉 ) but yeah – if you need that kind of validation from a video game, you have much bigger problems that need to be addressed…the mom’s basement line made me laugh, btw.

      Thanks! I hope you have a great weekend too!

  4. @AG: You may want to just try /distance whether you have Deadly Boss Mods or not. I had heard Blizz put it in the UI, but I have been using DBM for so long, I thought for sure that’s where it came from.

    EPGP works on a priority system. You get earned points (EP) for boss kills, showing up on time, learning new content and you spend them as gear points (GP) which are determined for each piece of gear by the addon (it shows up in the tooltip). When you divide EP/GP, you get a Priority value. Whoever has the highest priority, and can use the item, gets first crack at it. It’s very easy to use.

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