An Epic Tale of Dragonslaying

Let me set the scene for you:

It’s late at night and I’m tired, but I decide that I want to run an instance before bed. I’ve been in LFG all night for Heroic Azjol-Nerub with my Rogue without any luck.  So I find myself in a pick up group on my Holy Priest thinking I’m gonna do a little Nexus action for some XP and maybe some gear. (I always get a little anxious when I get my Priest out to heal because I don’t play her often and I am just afraid that I will suck and everyone will die. I refuse to use Healbot, I want to learn how to heal the “hard” way. So I was a little nervous going into the run…)

The tank for the run is in my guild and he’s doing a great job. We’re just zerging through the whole place. I think only two of us died the whole time up to the last boss and that was because one of the dragons came out of the alcove right before we went into the dragon’s room and one shot me. (Beyatch!) So we engage the dragon and I’m thinking “Ok, remember fast heals, short casts, move around/jump, and dispell when you have time, don’t waste too much mana, keep the tank up…” and everything is going fine. Then, people start taking a metric crapton of damage and I’m scrambling…I think people were still jumping…I was dispelling when I could and jumping myself…oh, she’s enraged and I completely forgot that was going to happen! Down goes the tank. And I’m thinking, “Omg.” Death Knight picks it up, goes down a nanosecond before I can get a heal off. “Wow,  suck.” Shaman gets killed through my shield. Rogue goes down. “I’m an epic failure. I let them all die.”

And then there was one.

All of the deaths happened in seconds. I had a sliver of mana left and I was at about 30% health. Just me and the dragon, squaring off against each other. She turns after eating the Rogue and is coming to get me…then I saw it…she’s at 800 HP!  I tossed Shadow Word: Pain on her, mouse turned 190 degrees, and ran my ghetto draenei booty around kiting her until she dropped.

It was truly epic.

The healer takes out the big bad dragon in the end. I’m still pretty pumped about it. It’s been a long time since I was the last one standing in a boss fight. *

*I know, I should’ve been “on it” with the heals so that the tanks and dps wouldn’t have died, but I wasn’t…and if I was, I wouldn’t have been the last one standing. I completely forgot about the enrage thing she does, but I’ll remember for next time, believe me. 🙂


~ by Boombaloo on 2 March 2009.

9 Responses to “An Epic Tale of Dragonslaying”

  1. Haha… Great recount of our battle Boom! You did an awesome job in Nexus btw 😀

    Not sure what happened on Keristrasza.. I’ve sat through her enrage plenty of times with no worries – even without last stand/shield wall. It felt like a lag spike imo, cause all of a sudden I dropped from 75% to dead.

    I thought we were gone as well.. I remember looking at her HP and I’m like “noooo… can’t fail with 0.1%”

    Priest tanks ftw 😉

    Loving our alt runs.. Look forward to the next one!


    – Mune

    • @Munenori: Thanks! 😀 I really try to do a good job and I’d really like to heal at 80, so I appreciate the practice and especially getting the chance to run with people who aren’t going to tear my head off in text for screwing up. 😛 I bet it was a lag spike – now that you mention it. My movements were pretty jerky when that was happening. I’m looking forward to another run too! We should do Utgarde Keep or something. The only instance I’ve run so far is Nexus. 😛 (And maybe Old Kingdom once, I don’t quite remember though).

  2. Definitely up for more runs. Konn came on with Paigee and Eternal (wife) and we ran AN and Old Kingdom. I dinged and got the tank chest piece drop from the third boss!

    More! More! 😀

  3. Gratz! 🙂

    That’s only happened to me once with Shade of Aran. Whole raid started dying and we were almost there. As the last person went down, I bubbled and threw my Hammer of Wrath for the kill!

  4. Awesome AG! I love being the last one left alive after taking down a boss. My most recent experience like that was our guild first 10-man KT. Watching those arcane missiles hit as KT and his minion was coming toward me. *lol*

    • @Markus: Me too! I stayed geeked about it into the following day, lol. It must have been really epic to the be the last one standing for a KT defeat, grats!!

  5. We had the same thing a couple times in BT during BC on Illidan. We would burn him down to like 5%, nobody alive except the angel of death from one of our priest’s death. From there, a shaman or two would pop and finish illidan off. In fights like that, your heart is pumping when somone messes up and almost causes a 1% wipe. Shamans Overpowered, lawl.

    • @Faru: That’s funny! I wish I could pop back up after dying for some of that glory. Hmm, maybe I’ll have to level my 18 Shaman to 80 next, lol.

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