Heroic: Oculus


Heroic Oculus wound up being the Daily Heroic and the Daily Dungeon quest.  I also had a quest for the instance and I had never done it on Regular or Heroic before (so I had two achievements I could get with a successful run) and when the call to arms went out in Guild Chat to tackle the Heroic version, I just could not resist joining the group.

I wasn’t exactly “geeked” to do the run, though. Anytime anyone said “Heroic Oculus anyone?” in Guild Chat, everyone else would moan and groan about how much it sucks and how much they hate it.  I really wasn’t looking forward to running it – I kinda thought it was going to be HELL like Heroic Loken.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Yes, controlling a drake to fight with is completely out of your comfort zone, your gear doesn’t augment the dragon’s armor or abilities in any way, so it’s not necessarily “ezmode” for a lot of people.  I love all of the vehicular fighting in WotLK, so I had a blast on the back of my Amber drake.  We wiped a few times on the last boss, just getting the hang of it (We’ve been trying not to use wowwiki or a site like it – instead attempting to figure the fights out on our own to make it more challenging/fun) and when he did wind up dead, cheers could be heard over Vent.

All in all, I love the instance – it’s so short (which is a good thing for a casual like me), fun (for some, not so much for others), and challenging.  Good stuff, Blizzard.  Moar stuffz liek that plx kkthx.  😉

These are the notes that I put together from our run.  Just wanted a place to store them for the next time I attempt it.  🙂

-Use 2 Emerald, 2 Ruby, and 1 Amber.

Ruby 1 – Stay on Boss, sometimes whelps if necessary.
Ruby 2 – Use Martyr whenever up, focus on whelps if necessary.

-Amber: wait at least 30 seconds before starting the DPS rotation.
-Amber: Get around 5 stacks of Temporal Rift up before Shock Lancing.
-Amber: Keep at least 3 stacks of Temporal Rift up at all times to ensure that the Emeralds are able to heal.
-Amber: Save your “Time Stop” ability for after the phase into the rift. As soon as the dragon comes out of the phase/rift phase, hit Time Stop to allow Ruby 1 to get aggro and stop the dragon from doing +100% more damage.
-Amber: If you pull aggro, let Ruby 1 know immediately, they have a taunt and can get it back and you won’t last if you get aggro.

-Emerald 1 – Focus on Ruby 1/MT.
-Emerald 2 – Back up heals on Ruby 1/the rest of the party.
Typically, both healers will need to focus their heals on the same person to see the health go up on the person. One drake’s heals are slow and it takes a long time to see the health go up…so coordinating over Vent is helpful.

During phase shift/rift – balls of energy will appear – Run Away! Designate a meeting point and everyone meet up so when the dragon comes back, you’ll all be together for the heals. ) We started off on the map at the southern island, and worked counter-clockwise towards the western island for the first shift. On the second shift, we went back the way we came – in a western to southern path.

There is no DPS race/Enrage timer on this boss – and we played it safe by only using 1 DPS drake (amber). Ruby 2 put out a ton of damage, so that helped, but was also tanking the Arcane Barrages from the dragon and helping with whelps.


~ by Boombaloo on 10 February 2009.

5 Responses to “Heroic: Oculus”

  1. @AG: I think I have been in Heroic Oculus once with a successful clear. My guild tends to steer clear of it. I have to agree the vehicular fights are an interesting change to encounters and force you to learn a different playstyle (which explains why we haven’t gotten past Malygos *lol*). Which reminds me, I had better work on the Aces High! daily before our next attempt. 🙂 (BTW, I got my Kirin Tor Familiar. I think we can dispense with the term “Woot!” now. *laugh*).

    • @Markus: I’m glad you agree about vehicles. They’re a blast! I think they really revitalized the game for me – as well as all the cool, fun quests in Wrath. I haven’t done Malygos yet, I’m interested to give it a go! Oh, and Aces High – now that is one instance of a quest that I hate that involves controlling dragons. I have some kind of mental block and can’t solo that quest for anything, lol. BIG GRATS on your Kirin Tor familiar!! YAY!!

      @Anea: Thank you. 🙂 If you’d like, I would be more than happy to copy and paste my notes from the strat that we used. I probably will put them into this entry anyway so I have them on hand when we attempt it again. Maybe they will help. Maybe not…never know. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

      @Franginator: You know I will do the instance whenever with you Frang and as many attempts as necessary to get you the title! 🙂 I still need Heroic AN, Malygos, and Kel’thuzad for the title. I doubt I’ll get it anytime soon. 😛

  2. I haven’t cleared this instance yet. True, I’ve only ever tried it once, but I’ve never gone back. We couldn’t manage to kill him – the drakes did us in. It was completely outside of my comfort zone, but I think I did alright. Perhaps it was just some bad strategies that we tried, I dunno… glad you had such a good time with the mechanics of this instance!

  3. I am extremely excited to try this as this is the last instance on heroic I need for the ‘Champion of the Frozen Wastes’ title. So it is on my list to do.
    At least I know that my other guildies have done it. 😉


  4. @AG: Unfortunately, the Aces High! daily is exactly what happens in Phase 3 of the Malygos fight. The abilities you use to take down the dragons are the exact same ones you use against Malygos. The first time we got to that Phase, I couldn’t even find Malygos. lol! We are trying it again tonight, so wish me luck!

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