Ambassador Boomba!

The last few nights I’ve been spending some time grinding out rep for all of the Alliance factions.  I’ve always wanted the Ambassador title since I knew it was something I could obtain, but never really had the motivation or time to spend to get there.

Well, now I’m exalted with Stormwind (Seriously – tell me how a Human character created in 2004 was not exalted with her home faction already, wtf), Ironforge, Darnassus, Gnomeregan Exiles, and Exodar.

One of the most exciting parts of getting exalted with all of the factions was the purchasing of all the super cool mounts!  😀  They are featured below.   I’m very proud of them, so I can’t help but  want to show them off.  😛


~ by Boombaloo on 2 February 2009.

13 Responses to “Ambassador Boomba!”

  1. @AG: Awesome and Congrats! What did you do to grind all that rep? Go back and do quests? Turn in cloth? Do BGs?

    I will be sporting the “Chef” title tomorrow when I finally purchase Fish Feast and make one. “Chef Markus” doesn’t exactly strike fear into the hearts of evil mobs, but maybe they will die from laughing (until I PoM+AP+Trinket+AB them of course *laugh*).

    Congrats again!

    • @Markus: Thank you. 🙂 It wasn’t so bad as far as rep grinding can go. I basically just went back to each of the starting zones for the Alliance (as in the place that you start the game when you make a level 1 character) and just followed the starting quests all the way through until I hit exalted. I think the hardest rep to obtain was Gnomeregan Exiles and in the end, I did wind up turning in between 15-20 stacks of Runecloth to speed up the process. I think that you could obtain exalted with Gnomeregan without turning in cloth – it will just take awhile. And I’m not a Rogue known for her patience. 😉 I just wanted to be done with my little “project” as fast as possible. Now is a perfect time to start working on the achievement (for Horde or Alliance) because each Elder you visit gives you rep with each of your faction’s races. I believe that as a human, I was getting +83 rep per Elder…and since there are a metric crapton of Elders to visit – it adds up quick! Yay Chef Markus! I think it’s a cool title…and it could be scary to mobs…especially animal mobs that contain the type of reagents you need to cook up your delicious buff food. Congratulations a day in advance!! 😀

  2. OMG Boom! I had absolutely no idea you had this site!!

    I apologise and don’t mean to hijack this post, but thought I just had to make a post and say hi 😀

    Anyways, gratz on getting Ambassador rank – I’m slowly trying for that myself (happy to hit exalted with Hodir for now)

    See you in Tortheldrin…


    – Mune

    • @Mune: Hi there! 😀 I just started this blog not too long ago to keep track of things I was doing in WoW or wanted to do. 🙂 Thanks for leaving me a comment saying hello! Let me know if you need any help/advice with getting the Ambassador title. Thomas left some good information as comments on this post about it that might help. Also, grats on Hodir exalted! Way to go!

  3. Grats! I got the title only a few days ago as well. What I found tremendous helpful was to look up an alliance (or horde) faction in wowhead and check the tab with quests giving rep for that faction. Then you can either sort the quests by zone or by how much rep they give and work your way through them.

    • @Thomas: Hi there – thanks for stopping by. 🙂 Grats on getting the title as well! That’s great information about WowHead…I didn’t even think of that…which is a little embarassing – I bet I could’ve saved a lot of time for myself, lol.

  4. Forgot to note that all quests give “spillover” reputation to the other factions, so actually its not a massive amount of quests you need to do.

  5. Nerd!

  6. Grats! I haven’t gotten this title yet – but at least I was exalted with my own faction 😉 And I’m a leg up on the others ’cause I got elf rep for my saber at 40. I’ll have to grind out the rest… The tin chicken looks fun!

    • @Anea: I must admit, the chicken is definitely FUN to ride…but also a little ridiculous, lol. My favorite new mounts are the chicken and >^..^< if you go for the title, good luck! Right now is a great time to start because of the rep you get from finding all the Elders in the Lunar Festival. Good luck!

  7. I got my Ambassador title recently. And I got it because of the Lunar festival. Each coin give 75 alliance rep (82 rep if you are human). So in total there are 75 coins that gives you 75×75 = 5625 reputation for all alliance factions out there. Go get the coins before it is too late!

    Greetings Ralpbix

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