It’s Patch Day – 3.0.8

patchOye! Oye!

Patch 3.0.8 has arrived.

With it comes some nice changes, some not so nice.

Here are the things that caught my eye:

Players may now create death knights on any realm once they reach level 55. – Awesome.  Though my own DK is only level 56? 57?  I don’t know.  I have way too many high-level alts at the moment to consider putting the DK at the top of the leveling list.  However, I do have a brother who plays Horde on a different server that I could play with if I had a high level toon there.  This might benefit me…especially now that I don’t have to have a level 55 on his server to create a DK there.  😀

Reputation rewarded for killing mobs will no longer automatically depreciate. – Nice.  Now I can finally go back and do all the starting zones on my Rogue and hopefully get the Ambassador title.  I’ve been playing the Rogue since 2004 and she’s still not exalted with Stormwind (or any other Alliance faction for that matter) and I think that’s ridiculous.

The Winds of the North has had its requirements changed. AND  The Loremaster of Kalimdor Achievement has had its quest amount reduced. – Awesome.  I just got exalted with Alliance Vanguard the other day.  And I’d like to work on the Loremaster achievement – all I have is the achievements from Vanilla WoW to do to get it – my completed quests are VERY low for playing as long as I have.  I think that like Dungeons, I got seriously cheated on achievement points when they instituted the system…oh well, they won’t fix it so what can I do?

Players will receive increased honor with increased rank. (in Wintergrasp) – Yay!

Fan of Knives: The cooldown has been removed. In addition, now deals 150% of weapon damage when used while daggers are equipped. – Rogues still suck at AoE.  😦  I’ll refrain from going on my “ZOMG-BLIZZARD-WHY-DO-YOU-HATE-MELEE-DPS” rant about how practically every dungeon can be AoE tanked and AoE’d throughout throwing up huge numbers for AOE classes while I bust my Mutilating ass trying to keep up on DPS.  Epic fail Blizz.

Feint: Rank 8 now reduces the damage taken from area of effect attacks by 50% for 6 seconds in addition to its existing effects. – Very cool.

The epic leg armor patches now require a Frozen Orb in addition to their other materials. – Aaaannd I hate you again.  Why, why, why would you do that to me?!  I can’t make a profit on the stupid armor kits as it is (without the frozen orb being required as a component) and can’t even imagine that anyone would buy one now.  The mats to make one (if the person has to buy them and have me craft it) are 150g on my server.  The kits are on the AH consistently at 130g.  Ugh.

Increased the critical strike rating granted by ranks 5 and 6 of Master of Anatomy. – Sweet.

The daily quest, “Shoot ‘Em Up” now only requires 15 Jotunheim Proto-Drakes to be shot down, down from 20. – I still won’t be doing this daily.  It’s just frustrating.  But I’ll have to adjust my Icecrown Daily Guide to reflect the change.  😛

The Flag of Ownership now has only a 60s cooldown to match the 60s duration of the flag. – Woot!  I’m excited about this.  I don’t use my flag nearly enough because of the stupid cooldown. 🙂

Mutilate: this ability will no longer give poisons on the off-hand weapon two chances to be triggered. – Didn’t even realize this was happening, lol.

Turn the Tables: This talent no longer generates threat when it triggers. – Hmm…I’ll have to pay attention to this.  With Tricks of the Trade, I don’t pull aggro off of our Warrior MT these days…even when I start going all out immediately.  We’ll see if that changes, lol.


~ by Boombaloo on 21 January 2009.

5 Responses to “It’s Patch Day – 3.0.8”

  1. Silly rogue. 🙂 I am quite excited to see the changes to Arcane for mages. Amidst all the post-patch lag, I got to try out my new spec and some spell rotations and I was quite happy with the initial results. Unfortunately (or maybe it was fortunately?) the gauntlet in heroic UP kept despawning as we were fighting, so I just called it a night after that.

    On a side note, I find I can still do noobish things even after 4? years and 80 levels. Since crit isn’t really that important for Arcane, I went looking through heroic badge rewards for +spellpower to replace the +crit one I have. I found one, bought it and equipped it. Upon closer inspection, the proc is for HEALERS….lol While I can still use the increased spellpower, I think I will see if I can return my purchase. GM ticket here I come. *laugh*

    • @Markus: Good to hear that the changes you tested in Arcane were positive! I have been hankering to play my Mage again – poor thing hasn’t been touched since 70 other than to DE all my greens, lol. From what I’ve read and seen – it looks like Frostfire is the new cookie cutter PVE build. Is that correct? I’ve been Frost since my first talent point and I really don’t want to have to change. :S

      Sorry to hear about the trinket! :X I did something similar once and the GM was very nice and refunded my purchase so I could purchase the right trinket. From then on, I don’t make any badge purchases at the end of the night when I’m dead tired – I learned my lesson, lol!

  2. @AllianceGirl: Prior to the change to Arcane, the 48+3/20 FrostFire build was best for PvE. It does rely a lot on the RNG gods, but I was critting well over 60% with FfB and almost 70% with Pyroblast in 25-mans. Loetheb fights were just silly with an almost 100% chance to crit on my Pyros…lol

    With the new Arcane changes, players are seeing higher DPS with Arcane over FrostFire, but the theorycraft and testing has yet to be completed, including the discussion of keeping Student of the Mind and/or Frost Channeling talents to help with mana management and whether to keep AM in the rotation all the time or just on Missile Barrage procs. There is also the idea of an “arcane shatter” where you cast Arcane Barrage just before the last tick of AM goes off and both will get the 60% damage increase (from the glyphed Arcane Blast debuff).

    Based on what I have read, FrostFire / Deep Fire / Deep Arcane are all going to be raid viable.

    • @Markus: Wow, thank you for that great info! 😀 That will help me A TON when I level my Mage! I’m disappointed that Deep Frost didn’t make the raid viable spec list. 😦 I love being a Frost Mage. Oh well, I guess. I do have my Rogue for those times when I want to be at the top of the meters. 😛 I’m really curious to see if any of the Mages in my guild will respec come raid time this weekend. They’re all FF spec’ed currently – and while it looks really cool – I know that at least one of them has been waiting for a chance to try Arcane.

  3. There are indeed quite some good changes within this patch. The best change is the new Inscription Vendor. Now I can finally sells my ‘Ink of the Sea’ for any other ink. This means that it is way easier to learn new glyps each day.

    Besides of this good chance the holy priests (my class and spec) has been nerfed. Circle of Healing has now a cooldown of six seconds. This means that the spell is costing more mana to use because it isn’t longer effected by the talent mental agility. But I do have to agree that spamming CoH was really overpowered. Now I noticed by the healing meters that I used other spells way better then before. So maybe it was a good chance afterall.


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