Reader Question: The Double Bind of Casual Raiding

Reader Question: The Double Bind of Casual Raiding

This is post from the World of Matticus blog – which I adore and have been a faithful lurker of for quite some time.  I think both the question and the answer are excellent and I really enjoyed reading it – it gave me some much needed perspective on my own casual raiding guild.

Hope one of you finds it useful as well!

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~ by Boombaloo on 18 January 2009.

4 Responses to “Reader Question: The Double Bind of Casual Raiding”

  1. Interesting article. Our guild tries to progress through casual raiding, unfortunately, it always seems others get left behind.

    We have 2 10-man Naxx groups and 1 25-man Naxx per week. OS gets done usually before Naxx and the Vault is done on a whim. With the current 10-man schedule, I am lucky to get into a 10-man Naxx each week and there are always more than enough to run the 25-man. There was a 25-man Naxx last night and I stepped aside to let other guildees see the place and help improve their gear (hardly selfless as I was still fuming about not getting into the 10-man Naxx last night…which they cleared).

    So while we are “casual,” we still have a number of raids going on during the week. The group cliques take care of the heroics and others PUG their way through Naxx. It will become an issue once again when we have about 40 people who will want to raid Naxx (and others will want to bring alts) and obviously not enough slots. That’s where the raid leaders try to accomodate others and it rarely ends well since we will not be raiding 7 days a week.

    • @Markus: I understand where you’re coming from. Your guild is much larger than mine. We barely have enough 80s (who are skilled and geared enough) to raid Naxx when the Raid Leader sets it up during the week. Typically, people in my guild have started raiding with other bigger guilds to see 25 man content or to do a speed run through 10 man content, then become locked and can’t do it to help the guild progress. It’s getting rather frustrating for those who want to remain loyal to guild progression and don’t care so much about getting the gear. :/ I feel like casual guilds just can’t win when it comes to raiding – at some point you can only get so far in the game as a small casual group before you have to think about just stalling where you, joining or recruiting to become bigger, or just quitting. Kinda sucky.

  2. @Alliancegirl: You pointed out exactly the current problem of WotLK. The current WotLK raid instances can be done with PUG’s. A lot of people can’t resist the 25 man easy to pick up loot PUG runs. However the raiding achiefments are the real challenge at this point in the game.

    My guild is a casual guild aswell. We raid two days in a week and clear the 10 man content within those two days. We switch people in and out during there raids to gear the guild up as much as possible. Also we switch specs whenever that is needed. I play a priest and spend a lot of gold on respecs already. This sounds like a hardcore guild and setup. But really we still do whatever we likes to do and progressing and gearing up eachother is our thing to do.

    • @Ralpbix: In my opinion there are a lot of GREAT things about WotLK like Easy Reputation Gains and great gear from those factions, tabard championing, easy beginning raids, heroic dungeon right in the city, etc. But – the major failing is where they left small guilds in regard to raiding. People can’t pass up the 25 mans with PUGs or the super easy or quick achievement heroic runs or whatever else that the guild can’t just do on the fly without scheduling the run via the Guild Calendar and making sure the “A” team shows up for it.

      I’m glad to hear that your casual guild is progressing and doing what they enjoy in the game. I suspect that my guild will get there eventually – it’s just going through some growing pains while we figure out what we really want to do/focus on for Wrath.

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