Free Transfer!

…and just in the knick of time, too.

/Farewell Warsong!


My server has been dying a slow death for a very long time.  It was infested with very rude, very obnoxious Brazilian players who refused to speak English or roll on a server that would suit them better, but instead threaten to take over our server and make our lives miserable.  We’ve been tolerating it for years, but recently it got a lot worse and I persuaded the rest of the guild leadership to jump ship and take the free transfer.

I’m so glad that we made the decision…and while I stayed up WAY too late organizing things and trying to coordinate the move, it was totally worth it!  I think I was made for organizing projects and coordinating the logistics of something like this…because without hesitation, I started working on everything and was so happy to do so. 🙂

I’m looking forward to a much better play experience and a fresh start!


~ by Boombaloo on 8 January 2009.

10 Responses to “Free Transfer!”

  1. Oh, the blogs that don’t have the “leave comment” button always get me. You know, us with lesser minds 😦

    Anyway, it’s always a pleasure to know other people are as engulfed in the WoW lore as I am. As to spread the lore and not perturb those who would rather look elsewhere, I ended up added a WoW quote to the end of my posts!

    I know what tomorrow’s will be… it’s an amazing one.
    I just need something amazing to write along side it now :O

    For the sake of rambling on- my guild is considering transferring as well. While I love Bonechewer’s 600+ que times, I’m afraid it’s something I must sacrifice.

    I’ll leave you now on the annotation that your blog is good- keep writing!

  2. Also, if you don’t mind me pestering.
    How did you get custom boxes on the side of your webpage?
    I’ve been searching all over the interweb to no avail.
    I want to add the Twisted Nether ad rotator thing.

    I think I’m either completely missing something or all together clueless. Lol, I apologize in advance.

  3. Alas, conversations in comments.
    Where did you buy yours?
    I definately want one. Just didn’t know a safe
    place to spend the money!

    And as you can see I ever so recently found out how to
    add the TNB add thing. Thanks anyway!

  4. I added you to my blog roll, btw.
    This is something I failed to mention above.

  5. I’m glad the transfer went well for you. I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing. My uber-l33t IRL friend who got me into the game was booted for using bots and didn’t want to start over. (Not so l33t afterall, I suppose.) And the guild I was in has fallen apart. With queues of over 650 on some evenings it can take 40min to get into Bonechewer. The free transfer is being offered to my server now. Do you recommend the Xfer? My main is a 77 Alliance shadow priest who’s respeccing to Holy/Disc at 80. Anyone have suggestions of where to go? It’s a PvP server so I can go anywhere.

  6. The Twisted Nether is a blogcast, a VERY excellent one.
    If you like wow, and are interesting in blogging, it’s even more exeptional.

    I would assume both of these apply, so go to

    I assure you they are really cool and fun to listen to.
    They talk about wow, and actually -interview- bloggers about
    their websites, why they started, and discuss what they love to talk about on their site.

    They’ve interviewed Phaie from Resto4Life, Big Red Kitty, and other big bloggers like that, alot with not to known people. I noticed you have Critical QQ on your blog roll (my favorite mage blog), they interviewed him too!

    Definitely check them out somtime.

  7. And yes, that quote is one of my favorites.

  8. @Rob:

    I highly recommend the transfer if you have the opportunity to scout out the server a little bit first.

    Does Bonechewer have free transfers right now? If so, make a level 1 alt on the server that they’ll let you transfer to for free and just ask around about things that you’re interested in. For example, my first questions were something like this:

    -How is the battle group? Is it balanced or does Horde win all the time?
    -How is World PVP? Can you quest in peace most of the time or do the Horde on the server like to camp you at any chance they get?
    -How is the server’s economy?

    Once I did the “research”, I knew it would be a good move for my guild and we did it. 😀

    It’s a big decision to move to another realm that you don’t know anything about, but I’m so happy that we decided to move. It’s like a totally different game now!

    Good luck!

    PS – Sorry to hear about your friend and the bot incident. That sucks. You can always come to Tortheldrin. 🙂

  9. Welcome to Tortheldrin! So glad to finally see this server grow!

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