Rep Up: The Sons of Hodir – Exalted!

I hit exalted with The Sons of Hodir tonight! Yay!  I am SO glad that I don’t have to do their dailies anymore!  Especially the Wild Wyrm quest, zomg.  The first 20 times I did that quest, I killed the stupid dragon on the first shot each time and got cocky about it – then out of nowhere – it got harder and I couldn’t kill him even after four or five tries with no change to my strategy or the rotation of the abilities.  I haven’t heard or read anywhere that they changed the difficulty of the quest and at 550 rep and 16g, I kept trying to do it everyday – even though the deaths from falling probably wound up costing me much more than I ever earned doing the stupid quest.

The shoulder enchant is ok.  I think it wound up being +10 more attack power and +5 more crit rating than the BC one I had.  For all the work I put into it – it doesn’t seem like that big of an upgrade.  :/  And I probably won’t buy a mammoth mount from them (sucks since it’s an achievement and I’m an achievement junkie) because a) 850 for a mount is too spendy for me and b) I have no desire to have a mount that has vendors and spots available for other people to ride, lol…not to mention the ridiculous price tag associated with it!  Good on you if you want that, it’s just not my style.  😉


~ by Boombaloo on 6 January 2009.

5 Responses to “Rep Up: The Sons of Hodir – Exalted!”

  1. hey, just stumbled across your blog while looking for some info on dailies. Both the mammoth mounts from Sons of Hodir do not have vendors/repair guys, pretty sure that one is only available in Dalaran, so yeah.. not really worth it :/

  2. Really?! Wow. So is there anything special on the Hodir mammoth that costs 8000g? I would hope so for that price!

  3. I believe you can still carry passengers, but you do not get the vendors.

  4. @Pulskar: Thank you for the clarification…and thanks for stopping by!

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