Merrymaker Boombastic

boomxmas(Sluttiest Christmas outfit ever, huh?)

Let’s see…what’s new in the great wide world of Azeroth?

Well, I got all of the Winter Veil achievements completed and I can now be Merrymaker Boombastic when the mood strikes.  😀  Yay!

I was also able to purchase two badge epics…Lillehoff’s Winged Blades and Mirror of Truth.  I was going to try to save up for the off-hand dagger, but those badges were burning a hole in my backpack, lol.

And I went on a Horde City Raid attempting to get the For the Alliance!  achievement, but the Horde were waiting for us at Thrall, so that’s the only boss that I need for the Black War Bear.  I’m guessing it will be awhile before I’ll get a shot at it again, since my guild is much too small for a Horde City raid.  Oh well, the other three bosses were fun…and pretty tough!

Here’s a picture of my screen during the raid, lol!

I really need a new UI, but haven’t put the time or effort into downloading all the components and setting one up.  The thing about this picture that cracks me up is the list of buffs in the upper right hand corner.  I don’t think my character has ever been that buffed before, lol!


~ by Boombaloo on 22 December 2008.

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