Winter Veil

boom1002081I could say that I’m surprised at people for taking advantage of other people during the holiday season, but I guess I can’t honestly say that since it happens all the time in this game.

Some of us like to complete achievements, some don’t.  Some people like to post [Small Egg] on the AH for 15g per egg to cash in on people trying to make Gingerbread Cookies for Greatfather Winter without wanting to farm the mats.

There is but one phrase to describe this type of person:



Alright, maybe that’s harsh, we all need to make gold to sustain our characters in the game, but 5g for [Small Egg] seems pricey enough, but 15g?!  Redonkulous.

I finished all of the achievements the day after Winter Veil started, except for the 25 crashes with the Crashin’ Thrashin’ Racer and wearing a full set of Winter Veil clothes and eating fruitcake.

I had a Winter Hat, it was a green one, from a boss in LBRS years ago.  Pre Echoes of Doom patch, I was cleaning out my bags and got rid of a lot of crap I didn’t think I wanted or needed – like Brewfest Steins and the hat.  Well, imagine my surprise when I saw the achievements required those items and I just just disposed of them after they sat idle in my bank for years.

I petitioned a GM to get them back, but unfortunately, (and typically) they told me there was nothing they could do to restore the items, even though they had only been “deleted” for about a week.

So…I got a Red Winter Hat from the Blood Elf Crazy Mage boss in Nexus Heroic anyway, but what a pain in the ass those GMs can be.  I think over the course of the last four years, I’ve talked to two GMs who were nice and who tried to be helpful, but still didn’t do what I was asking.  So anyway, I got a group together, and yeah I got rep, but I also got the stupid hat that I’ll never wear again because on human females it looks SO dumb!! As soon as I won it, I put all the clothes on, and immediately sat down and ate the stupid fruitcake for the 10 achievement points, put all my gear back on and finished the instance.  That’s probably the last time I’ll use that hat unless they fix the damn thing and the way it looks on my character. The hat fits my Human Warrior boyfriend just fine, but on me, it just sits on top of my head and looks r-tarded.  😦  It changes the color of my hair and everything.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s what I’ma gabbin’ about:


Why all the QQ you ask?  It’s just achievement points which get you nothing, Boom.  Get a grip.

Well, if I weren’t so interested in getting the Violet Protodrake for “What a Long, Strange Trip it’s Been” then maybe I wouldn’t care so much.  What are the chances of me completing all of the holiday achievements anyway?  Very slim…after the Hallow’s End ridiculousness (when I couldn’t get the squashling and my boyfriend had to log me in to Trick or Treat when I wasn’t home) I kinda figured that I wasn’t going to be able to complete all of those requirements for the drake anyway…since, you know – I’m a casual gamer with a full-time job.  GG Blizzard.  😦

PS – Favorite Achievement Name so far: Bros Before Ho Ho Ho’s!


~ by Boombaloo on 21 December 2008.

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