I’m Baaaack!

boom1002081I had a lengthy and extremely enlightening convo with my awesome Rogue friend and Theorycrafter Extraordinaire, Faru*, and he decided to bestow upon me the highest honor of learning the Super Uber Secret Ninja spex and rotation to improve my DPS.

Of course, I’m sworn to silence on the matter and can’t link the awesomeness that ensues when you follow his advice, but you can take it from me that right after I respec’ed and tried the new rotation, I wanted to yell from the top of the mountain in Ironforge: “OH YEAH BABY BOOMBA’S BACK!”

I had spent so many frustrating hours researching what the hell the problem was that when it was finally fixed and I realized that I only had myself to blame cause I had the spec and rotation wrong, I was so relieved!  It’s been a long time since I played the Rogue in PVE and I kinda figured I was gimping myself.  So, now my life in Azeroth is all roses and smiles again………..and Horde deaths of course.  😉

*Name has been modified to protect the innocent, har-har-har!


~ by Boombaloo on 13 December 2008.

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  1. 🙂

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