It’s Here!

Friday was a good day.  I came home from having lunch with my boyfriend to find two packages waiting patiently for my arrival.

One was my Figure Print!  I ordered it on 11/10 and it came on 12/5…not bad.  I thought I was going to have to wait for a few months for it.  It certainly is cool to have a 3D print of my character sitting on my desk now!   I’m amazed at how sharp the edges of my daggers are, how pointy my shoulders are, and how those delicate details weren’t damaged in shipping!

Truth be told, up close my character’s face kinda looks like a trainwreck.  Her lipstick is smeared all over and her eyes are overcolored and you can’t see her eyepatch like you can in the screenshot.  She also looks like a man up close…which I’m not thrilled about, but it’ll be ok.  Cause eventually instead of having it sitting on the desk next to me, I’ll have her up on a shelf and then I won’t get to see her up close anyway, lol.

The second thing I got in the mail was my Plush Stuffed Talking Murloc!  You squeeze his mouth and he does the “Mmmgrrlgrlglglglgl” sound.  It’s awesome!  😀  The dog hates it (which I anticipated), but it’s still a lot of fun – I was doing it over Ventrilo last night.  They’re available on – kinda pricey for a stuffed animal, but totally worth it in my opinion, lol.

I’ve been really pissed with my Rogue lately.  My hit rating is next to nothing (68 with full DPS gear, 151 with gear swapping that nerfs my crit and AP) and I’m missing ALL THE TIME. About 18% of the time at 151 hit, as a matter of fact.  We decided to try Nexus Heroic last night and while we completed it, it was a tie between me and the Protection Warrior for the last spot on DPS.  I’m ready to delete the character.  We’ve had some good times, but I got addicted to DPS on my Mage and I just can’t stand seeing myself performing so poorly on my oldest character that I know how to play…or at least that I thought I knew how to play.  😦

I know they made some changes to class mechanics…but damn.  I was beat by the Affliction Lock by 9%!  And the Hunter by 7.  It’s not really a gear issue as we’re all in the same boat gear wise.  Using instance drops, rep rewards, crafted 80 items, and quest rewards…according to WoW Heroes (I think that site is a load of shit personally) I’m the second highest geared member in my guild…so what’s the haps?!  How am I not DPS’ing like the 2nd highest geared member.  Maybe it’s time to hang up the daggers for good…I just don’t know.

I spent a lot of time this weekend researching gear, hit rating, – and before I swapped my gear for more hit rating, I was wearing the best stuff I could be before epics and Heroics according to shadowpanther.

I was so frustrated, I started leveling my 70 Holy Priest.  I don’t know if I’ll bother continuing to do dailies on Boomba for upgrades…she might just be my PVP character and PVE is just not in her cards.  I really want to heal – I should’ve leveled Bayloo the Priest first, then Powderpuff the Mage for DPS, and lastly Boomba for 80 PVP.  But that’s all in the past now.  Being DPS is fun, but not when you’re getting your ass kicked on DPS by the Prot Warrior because he has all kinds of fun new shiny AOE effects to up the damage.  And I have Fan of Knives…rofl.  What a joke.  It might hit for 600 points of damage, if I’m lucky…and a 10 second cooldown to boot.  The Warlock in the run has Seed of Corruption, the Hunter had a new improved Volley, and I get to throw some tiny semi-sharp blades every 10 seconds?!  Nice………I’m usually not a member of the ZOMGBUFFMEPLXBLIZZARD squad, but I’m really not feeling the love for Rogues lately.  I’ve been Assassination daggers since Level 55 (2004/2005) and I don’t want to be Subtlety or Combat.  😦  I want to be viable in PVE with the gear that I have and with the spec I have now…and maybe less button mashing (Stacking 3 Hunger for Blood before every pull is a GIANT pain in the ass!  And oh no macro for you because it triggers the Global Cooldown, doh!) if that’s not too much to ask.

In summation:
All of the opportunities to do AOE in these new instances + all of the whirlwinds that the bosses do that I have to run away from and just let Rupture and Poisons tick off until I get back into the fight + my shitting hit rating + being told that I’m the second highest geared member and getting out DPS’ed or equaled in DPS by the Prot Warrior = A Really Sad and Pissed Off Rogue 😡


~ by Boombaloo on 7 December 2008.

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