Status Report: Boombastic Checking In

th_myalliance1So, I’ve been playing WoW lately with more vigor than my Assassination spec’ed Rogue and loving it.  The achievements may be stupid (Fall 65 yards without dying – ding!) and tedious (You didn’t get credit for the million SM runs you did for yourself and your guildmates, do it again!) but it gives people something to do when they don’t feel like losing terribly to Horde in BGs or running an instance or a raid.

I’m three hours behind server time due to a cross-country move and that means that I miss all the raids (unless they’re on my days off) and all of the evening activities because I’m not yet home from work when things are at their peak for the night.  Obviously, I spend a lot of time soloing and the achievements have provided an excellent project to undertake without making me feel left-out or that I need a group in order to get the items ticked off the list.  My current project is getting the [Shop Smart…Shop Pet Smart] achievement on my Rogue.  She’s sitting at 45 pets currently, with two more on the way from my amazing boyfriend as a birthday gift.  I can’t wait to get my Thunderhead Hippogryph and Bananas the Monkey!

My main, Boombastic, had an extra busy week with all the new eye candy and fun stuff to do.  I decided that even though I haven’t been playing her much the past six months, she was the character I started with and I would go back to her when testing out all the new features, skills, and achievement system.  We’ve been hanging out in Azeroth together for almost four years…I felt like I owed it to her to see the new content before characters I created after her.

Let’s see…where to start?

  • Completed a lot of the easier achievements – up to 1800 points.
  • Got “The Hallowed” title from the Hallow’s End event.
  • Got the Merciless Gladiator Chest piece from BGs…pretty nice upgrade from the Hauberk of Karabor.
  • Killed a metric shit ton of Naga…ground out exalted Sporregar rep for the Tiny Spore Bat and Mushroom Tabard.
  • Sitting pretty at 45/50 pets.  Awesomest boyfriend ever bought me Hippogryph and Bananas for my birthday.  Darkmoon Faire is coming 11/10…so I’ll get three frogs from that hopefully and be done!
  • Bought the Stormpike Battle Charger…had no idea it was so cheap to purchase…only 60 AV marks!
  • Achieved 10,000 Lifetime Honor Kills – working my way to 25k!  (I have a Knight-Captain rank from back in the day BGs, I ground all that honor before everyone’s kills around you counted towards yours – or however they changed the BGs…I know before you had to kill the person to get the credit, now if you do damage or heal the person doing the damage, you get credit for the target.)

I’ve been having a great time with Echoes of Doom and can’t wait for the expansion, which is being released a week from today!  I pre-ordered my copy from with overnight shipping and I’m really hoping that I’ll get my copy sometime Friday.  If not, the boyfriend and I will be going to Best Buy to purchase two additional copies to get them loaded and ready to go by Saturday.  I miss living 5 minutes away from a mall doing a midnight release, lol.

Bayloo is now level 69, has her riding crop equipped that Boom made her (that’s number four and man are they expensive…no wonder I don’t have my damn epic flyer on Boombastic yet) and has the PVP angel wings sitting in the bank just waiting to equip when she hits 70.  I’m also grinding honor for the helm and possibly the robe – depending on how much time I have before Wrath.  My goal is to hit 70 before this Friday.  At 70, she’s going Holy and hopefully not looking back.  I’ve always wanted her to be holy, but there’s always been another person leveling a priest, shaman, druid, paladin, etc that was holy at the same level as her and I was forced into a shadowy melt-your-face-off role.  I have a mage for that and the mage is geared to the nines, I want to be a healery type!  QQ

Powderpuff is much the same as ever.  She’s fully epic (my first ever character of that magnitude) and she was invited to a Zul’Aman pick up group and a Black Temple raid in the same night while I was standing in Ironforge waiting to port a guildie to Shatt.  I was pretty proud of myself, I’ve never been invited on a PUG raid before!  I couldn’t go because I had to go to bed, but it was flattering nonetheless!  Nerf be damned, it still made my day!

Boomie, the warrior, is still collecting dust.  I’m not sure what to do with her.  She was spec’ed Prot before the free respec and has tanking gear, but is currently sporting various blues and greens that are assed out.  I just don’t have the inclination to focus on her.  I could spec her Arms, which I do love – but if I’m going to PVP, I’d rather be a ninja and stealth around on the Rogue.  The other option is Fury and well, I’ve never been a fan.  Titan Grip is sweet, but I don’t have decent weapons for her of the 1 or 2 hand variety.  Tanking is hard work with a group who have no concept of threat generation or how to wait for sunders – and I’m not interested in it.  The tank basically needs to lead the group and while I’m not sucktastic at tanking, I’m pretty decent or so I’ve been told – it’s still HIGH stress and LOW recognition.  I’m so addicted to seeing my name in the #1 DPS position on the damage meters or in the Top 5 in BGs.  Tanking is as boring as it can be while still causing me stress that I’m going to screw up and wipe the group.  DPS is ez-mode and that’s my forte at the moment, so I’m sticking with it.


~ by Boombaloo on 6 November 2008.

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