Echoes of Doom: First Glance

I rushed home from work last night to start the patch download so I could jump into Echoes of Doom. Thinking it was some kind of a cruel joke when it told me I’d have to wait for six hours, I decided that there’s no way that estimate was accurate and in about two hours, I’d be happily bounding down the streets of Stormwind for a much needed makeover!

Well, after doing two loads of laundry, emptying the dishwasher, feeding the dog, paying bills, watching HBO’s True Blood and countless HGTV shows about home improvement, I had all but given up hope that I’d be able to login before my 11pm self-inflicted curfew. Lo and behold, after the reveal on Curb Appeal, the patch was finally done! Score!

(By the way, what the hell is the point of the background downloader? It doesn’t work for crap.)

In general, I was pretty impressed with what I saw. But, first – the negatives:

  • Not Researching:I didn’t research anything about the patch and only lightly skimmed the patch notes because I wanted to be “surprised”. Further investigation of this theory suggests that I’m an idiot. I really should’ve paid more attention because now I just feel lost.
  • Talents/Spec:All my talent points have been refunded for a free respec! Ok, this is a pro and a con. A pro because it’s cool to get free respecs – A con because I haven’t played my Rogue in months, I loved her spec and now it’s gone. Damn it!
  • Achievements:I haven’t been a fan of these since they were announced because to me – it just adds another grind into the gratuitous grindfest that is Burning Crusade. Also, some of the achievements are things I have done in my years of playing, but I’ve destroyed items that I believed to be pointless/useless to make bag space for consumables/alternate gear/etc. Of course, because the items are destroyed, I don’t get credit for once having them. Suckage.
  • No Titles for the Boom Clan:I was hoping to have a title on at least one of my 70s, but it wasn’t meant to be. QQ! Guess I’ll be sticking with my old school PvP titles. Knight-Captain Boombastic still has a ring to it if I do say so myself.
  • Spellpower: Not a fan so far…making that epic tailoring set is now pointless. While I hope that it gets better, at least I only have about a month before I start the re-gearing process.

And now, on to the Pros!

  • Glyph: Polymorph Penguin: ZOMG!! It doesn’t look like a penguin so much as a little black chocobo type creature from Final Fantasy, but it is still freaking awesome! Still sad I never got Polymorph: Turtle to complete the set, though.
  • Login/Loading Screen: Kick ass. Got me all geeked for Wrath!
  • Stormwind Harbor: Loads of potential here! I went and checked it out and was amazed at how big of an area the harbor was! I love Stormwind, it’s my favorite Alliance place and I’m glad to see the addition!
  • Getcha hair did!: As an occassional girly girl, I FULLY appreciate this addition. I love changing things up on my characters for a different look and since I’m staring at their pixilated behinds for hours a day, you can not even imagine how excited I was to see the Barber shop implemented. Funny enough, I spent a LONG time on each of my character’s appearances when I created them and didn’t intend to change anything cosmetic because I love them all. I have actually deleted characters because their earrings were wrong, but I didn’t notice until th ey were in their teens. Moooooving on…the allure of the Goblin Hairdresser who FAB.U.LOUS… (and the chair with the scary wrist wraps, did you notice those too?) was too much for me to bear and I sat my little Gnome Mage down for a makeover. She traded in her bouncy big pink pigtails for big old rocker bangs and shorter pigtails in black. I declare that she’s now going through her EMO phase, she just wants to sit in her room in the Mage Tower, listening to Linkin Park and brooding over how misunderstood of a magic slinger she is.

Featured Below: My Mage, Powderpuff, Post-Haircut

  • Bag Space: This rules!! I love that you can just summon your mounts/pets. Too freaking cool! Now I can have all my little buddies with me all the time.
  • UI Changes: Love these too. The individual pvp tab is very convenient. As well as the layout of the achievement window.

All in all, lots of fun new things to play with while we wait with baited breath for WRATH! I think this is just what I needed to revitalize the game. 🙂


~ by Boombaloo on 16 October 2008.

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