FigurePrint Raffle!

So, I signed up for the FigurePrint raffle two months ago. The first month I got an email stating that regretfully I didn’t win. This month, I got the email congratulating me that I was chosen to order a FigurePrint!

FigurePrints are pretty cool “printed” versions of your WoW character that are pulled directly from the Blizzard servers.  I’m not really sure how it works, but from what I’ve read, it seems that the figure is made from dust glued together with colored glue.  The detail seems to be excellent and I’m pretty geeked that I get to order one…well, that was until I found out the price of one of these bad boys.  They are $129 + shipping, which turns out to be about $150.

I have until 11/23 to place my order and my Rogue, Boombastic, is ready for her close up.  All of her gear is a mish-mash from Karazhan, Heroics, PvP, and crafted pieces and amazingly enough it all matches very nicely!   A long time ago, I had a friend of mine draw a picture of my character in her 60 gear and I love the picture.  So, I know that I will love the FigurePrint once I get over the $150 pricetag.

The glass dome does not come off of the base – to protect the very fragile character inside.  A lot of people seem to be complaining about the colors appearing “washed out” – the thing is made from dust/sand…I think that’s expected.  Also, you get to choose from 12 different poses, which is cool!  It even has your character’s name on the base!

I’m the third person in my guild to win the raffle.  The first was a Draenei Hunter and second was a Night Elf Hunter.  I’m planning to enter my boyfriend into the raffle too so he has a shot at getting his character made as well.

I’ve decided to go with an eyepatch (like the picture of my character that was drawn for me – even though currently she’s wearing the Merciless Gladiator PVP Helm of Awesomeness.  The Helm is super cool, but hides her face too much.  A lot of Rogues on my server have the helm and I want her to be easily identified as my girl.

Also, I’ve decided to go sans guild tabard.  I love my guild, but the tabard is blue and gold and doesn’t match my black/red/purple gear…not to mention the fact that the design on the tabard is a chevron and it looks all screwed up on female toons because of their boobage issues.  I really hope one day Blizzard fixes tabards on casters too.  Why does it have to look like their tabard is tucked into the bottom half of their robe?  It just looks whack.  😉

I’ll be sure to upload the pictures here once I get my character!  😀


~ by Boombaloo on 13 October 2008.

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