Equal Love For All?

World of Warcraft has been out for almost FOUR years…are you still playing the same “main” you started the game with in 2004?  Did you change things up completely? Maybe you’re like me and don’t have a true “main” anymore.

How will you decide who gets to make the exciting trek to level 80 first?

Currently, I have three 70s…with another on the way.

70 Assassination Rogue
– This was my “main” back in the day.  I learned how to play WoW with this character and I have a soft spot in my heart for her.  I leveled from about 25-55 with swords and then took her daggers and haven’t changed back since.  In my mind, Rogues and Daggers are like Peas-n-Carrots, Jenny!   They are made for each other…it just makes sense.  She’s my enforcer…when people in my guild are having problems with all of the Brazilians on my server ganking them, this is the toon I always bring to regulate!  She’s a blast in PVP, but no longer enjoyable for me in PVE situations.

70 Frost Mage – This is my PVE powerhouse.  Any instance, raid, group quest – anytime anyone needs something blasted in the face with a frost bolt repeatedly for a ton of DPS, this is my go-to character.  She is ridiculously fun in PVE – I can stand back and see the fights instead of being on my Rogue and staring at the mob’s ass the entire instance.  I’ve had a lot of fun with the Mage in Zul’Aman lately too because it’s so important for me to keep things sheeped.  I think this character will probably be my second one to 80.

70 Prot Warrior – This is my donation to the guild.  At one point, we needed more tanks, and she was my little Arms warrior for PVP, but with the Rogue I decided to take her full prot, change her name (I hated the previous one) and just bust out the levels.  During my slogging from 45-70, we acquired a few other tanks and I was no longer needed.  QQ  Eventually, getting this character geared up enough to do some BGs would be fun again.  Mortal Strike FTW!

65 Holy Priest – This is my newest baby and I am in LOVE with her.  I’ve wanted to play a healer for about two years, but never had the time, inclination or the confidence that I wouldn’t suck.  After I realized that I could DPS and Tank really well, I decided to finally level the character I’ve wanted to play.  I have been switching back and forth between Holy/Disc and Shadow/Disc depending on what my guild’s groups of alts need in instances.  I like Shadow – but I have a Mage for DPS – my intention is to go Holy/Disc and possibly take this character to 80 first.  My current goal is grinding out the last five levels before WotLK comes out in November.

I’m sure my mind will change between now and then because I’m having a really hard time deciding between the Holy Priest or the Frost Mage to take to 80 first…if I had a “main”, I wouldn’t have to worry about making the decision…it will be obvious.  I enjoy them both equally and for very different reasons.  Very few things are as satisifying as consistently winding up in the #1 slot on the Damage Meter – undergeared compared to other people in the raid – and not pulling aggro and dying on every pull to do it.  It’s also insanely satisfying to successfully heal through a bad pull, or a Horde ambush or something equally chaotic when shit hits the fan.

That said, who will you be taking to 80 first and why?  🙂



~ by Boombaloo on 6 October 2008.

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