BGs…How I Hate Thee!

Lately, I’ve been doing a fair amount of battleground grinding on my lovely Draenei Priestess in the hopes that I will be able to obtain a pair of those smexy wings and the mysterious looking hood to wear as soon as I hit 70…to help me level in Northrend – not to mention look totally sweet while I’m annihilating Horde on my PvP server. 😉

I’ve been in love with the look of that gear since I first saw it and was pretty excited to level high enough to start the long and tedious grind of honor points and BG marks to snatch me some of that priestly goodness. Um, that just sounded wrong…

Moving on…

The only BG that Alliance consistently wins in my battlegroup is Alterac Valley (AV). Luckily, that’s the BG to grind if you just need honor points…but the shoulders I’m after cost 11250 honor and 20 Arathi Basin (AB) marks.

“So what?” You say.
“Big Deal!”
“Just grind out the 20 games and STFU.”

Let me just set the scene for you…

15 people in a group – knowing that they’re going to get stomped because they’re used to it happening every single time so they’ve given up before they even start. One person tries to organize the calvary, but they get flamed by four others speaking leet speak and questioning the “leader’s” sexual orientation. Insults are flying like aimed shots the entire time and the f bomb gets dropped more often than a level 61 holy priest in all greens. IF we cap three nodes, we immediately lose one and cap a new one somewhere else. The games stretch on unnecessarily long so each loss for 1 measly AB mark winds up taking FOR-FREAKING-EVER.

I’ve tried turning the chat off, but I’m the type of player that likes to listen to directions and on occasion – actually try to lead the BG and direct the forces in an attempt to win. I’ve also tried teaching the players how to PVP. None of the BGs are hard to learn.

  • AB = Claim three bases and hold them. If you are overrun, move to a less guarded base and cap that…and hold it. Rinse. Repeat. When you get to 2000 resources, you win!
  • WSG = Capture their flag and return it to our base as fast as possible without letting them take our flag and turtle with it for half a freaking hour.
  • EotS = A mixture of the two. Grab 3 bases, defend them. Send a few people to the middle to grab the flag and run it back. Voila!

So in the last few nights of extremely frustrating experiences…I’ve noticed a few things:

  • As soon as one thing goes wrong, Alliance throws in the towel.
  • We can not communicate with each other without using caps, excessive punctuation (!!!!), or racial slurs.
  • Alliance is all about individual play. No doubt, someone will go off on their own and try to cap Farm or cap LM or whatever the hell even when they’re asked to stay and defend a different node. It’s all about “Hey look at me, I didn’t listen and I did a good thing…and oh, I already lost the base cause five of them came back to defend….doh.”

I need to find a way to be able to get through this excruiating grind without ripping my hair out.

How can I communicate with people who aren’t interested in listening to anyone? How can I unite my fellow Alliance players in a victory every now and then? Do you have any suggestions on how to make it better instead of just complaining about it?


~ by Boombaloo on 6 October 2008.

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